How to Process Philippine Documents in UAE via LBC Express

One of our helpful articles include how to DFA red ribbon authenticate your government documents in the Philippines and it involved going through a lengthy process of visiting our home country and applying for these papers in the respective schools/offices. LBC, the leading courier, now offers a document processing service that is much easier and more hassle-free.

There are a documents and papers that need to be authenticated for various usage (residence visa, for employment, etc.) especially when you are abroad. As an OFW, it can be a hassle to process these especially when we don’t have much time on our hands.

In most cases, we have to go back to the Philippines in order to apply for these authenticated documents. Now, this new announcement by LBC is a welcome development because this makes it easier for us to apply for authenticated papers while we’re outside the Philippines!


Authentication of Documents in UAE: DFA Red Ribbon, NBI, NSO Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, PRC, etc.

These government papers are used for various purposes, including submitting your TOR for employment, or showing authenticated marriage certificate for spousal visa in Dubai, etc. The LBC Document Processing is an end-to-end solution for authentication of Philippine government documents required for an OFW to transact in foreign countries for these purposes.

Types of Documents that Can be Processed by LBC
Below are a list of Philippine documents that LBC UAE will be able to process via their branch:

  • NBI Clearance
  • DFA Authentication (Red Ribbon)
  • NSO: Birth / Marriage / Death Certificates
  • Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) Renewals / Application
  • UAE Embassy (in the Philippines) stamping

Steps to Process Philippine Documents via LBC

  1. You will need to apply for SPA (Special Power of Attorney) and Assignment of Atty. in Fact to LBC. This gives LBC the right to handle the application on your behalf. To know the exact details of the SPA, please call the LBC hotline at 800522111.
  2. After getting the SPA, go to an LBC branch in the UAE
  3. Submit all necessary documents. LBC staff will review them.
  4. Pay the costs/fees to the LBC staff. Prices will depend on the document you are requesting.
  5. LBC will then ship the application to Manila to the liaising partner for the document processing.
  6. Once ready, LBC will call you to pick up the requested document.

Costs to process documents / Processing Fees

Below are the costs to applying for the said documents via LBC

350 AED – PRC Renewal
350 AED – PRC ID + DFA
350 AED – PRC Board Certificate + DFA
300 AED – PRC Good Standing
350 AED – NBI
350 AED – NBI + DFA
300 AED – NSO Birth Certificate / Marriage Certificate / Death Certificate / CENOMAR
350 AED – NSO + DFA
300 AED – DFA
400 AED – Embassy Stamping (in Philippines)

Take note that prices above may be updated without prior notice

LBC Document Processing
Also, the estimated time frame of these documents will take about 3-4 weeks. Below are more information in terms of requirements for each document


PRC ID Renewal – 350 AED
Requirements: PRC Scanned ID, 2×2 photo on white background, passport copy, special power of attorney (SPA)
Rate is exclusive of penalties and other PRC fees

PRC ID + DFA Authentication – 350 AED
Requirements: PRC Scanned Valid ID, passport copy, special power of attorney (SPA)
Rate is exclusive of other PRC fees

PRC Board Certificate + DFA Authentication – 350 AED
Requirements: PRC Scanned Board Certificate, passport copy, special power of attorney (SPA)
Rate is exclusive of other PRC fees

PRC Certificate of Good Standing + DFA Authentication – 350 AED
Requirements: PRC Scanned Valid ID, Application Form, passport copy, special power of attorney (SPA)
Rate is exclusive of other PRC fees

NBI Clearance + DFA Authentication – 350 AED
Requirements: Application form from Embassy or previous NBI green copy, passport copy, special power of attorney (SPA)
*additional days for processing with “HIT” status

NSO Certificate + DFA Authentication – 350 AED
Requirements: Application form, passport copy, special power of attorney (SPA)

DFA Authentication – 300 AED
Requirements: Documents with attached receipt, passport copy, special power of attorney (SPA)

Embassy Stamping (Philippines) – 400 AED
Requirements: DFA documents with receipt, local Civil Registry of NSO Document, Special Power of Attorney (SPA)


So to those who are putting off getting these papers, you might want to try this service by LBC Express. We’re happy that the company are presenting new services that makes our lives as overseas Pinoy workers, better. This is definitely something we can all breathe a sigh of relief as it makes getting these important documents easier for us Pinoys overseas.

For more information about this LBC Document Service, you may visit this page – or you can call their hotline at 800-522-111.

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