Qatar Sympathizers to Face Jail Time up to 15 Years, UAE Warns

Locals and expats in the UAE who express sympathy towards Qatar on social media may face up to 15 years in jail. What’s more, they could be asked to pay a fine of not less than AED 500,000.

This statement was made by UAE Attorney-General Hamad Saif al-Shamsi. He reiterated that sympathizing with Qatar online is considered a cyber-crime, which is punishable by law.

Qatar sympathizers will face jail time and a hefty fine.

UAE Declares Jail Time & Fine for Qatar Sympathizers

“Strict and firm action will be taken against anyone who shows sympathy or any form of bias toward Qatar, or against anyone who objects the position of the UAE,” stated Al Shamsi, as quoted by Gulf News.

The Attorney-General explained that the rule applies to sympathy or bias expressed through social media. This includes written text, visuals, or any form of verbal messages.

This latest announcement is in line with the recent fallout between Qatar and several Gulf countries – including the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. These countries have closed their borders, ports, and airspace to Qatar.

Aside from the aforementioned countries, Maldives, Mauritania, and Yemen have also decided to cut their diplomatic relations with Qatar.

Always think before you click or post!

As this issue continues to unfold, it is always wise to be aware and informed. We can start by being careful of what we post on social media and by keeping ourselves updated with the latest news.