UAE Weather: Possible Rain in the Next Few Days

There’s going to be a possible rain in the UAE in the next coming days. A tweet from the official Twitter account of the National Center of Meteorology & Seismology (NCMS) warns us of possible rain formation. If this happens, this will be Dubai’s first rain for the new year.

NCMS is the governing body that monitors the changes that occur in the atmosphere and below are their posted updates of expected rain during the next five days.

First Possible Rain in Dubai in 2017


NCMS warns against the formation of rainy convective clouds with fresh winds, causing blowing dust with poor visibility, less than 2000m at times over some eastern and northern areas.

The rain may not be heavy, but it would be another welcome sight to usher in the start of the year. We will keep you posted for more details. Meanwhile, for more weather updates, follow NCMS on Twitter: @NCMS_media

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