[WATCH] Sharjah OFW Shares How She and Husband Built Dream House, Purchased Car & Jeep in 5 Years

An ex-OFW in the UAE took to social media their experience of working many years abroad and how it helped them to buy their own house. 

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During these hard times, it’s very inspiring to see how our kabayan has secured their family’s future through their long years of hard work abroad and saving up. In this post, we will share the story of an ex-OFW who worked in Sharjah for nearly a decade and how she and her husband were able to save up funds to build their dream home in their hometown in Pangasinan.  

[WATCH] Ex-Sharjah OFW Vlogs About How Working in UAE Helped Her Buy a New Home, Shares Tips About Saving Up
Screengrab of the video posted by Nerilyn Polinar via her YouTube channel

Former UAE-based OFW Shares How Their Hardwork Allowed Them to Save up and Build their New House in Pangasinan

The former UAE-based OFW, Nerilyn Polinar Aguilar, who used to work as a Jr. Sales Executive in Sharjah, shared in her vlog, that she and her husband had decided to purchase a house back in 2013. And through their strict and consistent saving methods, they were able to acquire two lots, on which their dream house was soon to be built. 

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Nerilyn shared that planning their future ahead has led them to think that they cannot afford to stay working abroad for a very long time. They had to consider their expenses, as well as their child’s education. And for these reasons, having their own home in the Philippines by the time they decide to retire is a must. 

“Nasa isip ko hindi naman kami pwede magtagal sa UAE, ang dami ding gastos at mag-aaral na ang anak namin kaya kailangan pag umuwi ako ng Pilipinas at dapat meron na kaming sariling bahay,” she said.

What used to be a small hut that stood in the land they purchased years ago is now a two-story house, which is still being further developed. Nerilyn and her husband hope to finish the construction of their entire house soon. 

She also explained that she and her husband regularly had to set aside some of their earnings every month back when both of them were working in the UAE.

Ang budget namin naipon namin ‘to mag-asawa noong pareho kaming nagtratrabaho sa UAE every sweldo namin every month, ako talaga naglalaan at nagtatabi para sa pag papagawa ng bahay,” she added.

Today, her husband is still working in Dubai, but they were able to make several investments for their livelihood in the Philippines, which include a piggery, rice field, as well as a brand new jeepney.  

And true enough, all of their hard work and labor during those long years of working in the UAE have yielded big results: a house of their own and several streams of income – all of which, their family can enjoy and benefit from for the rest of their lives. 

With the success that they have achieved, Aguilar hopes that her fellow OFW would find their story a source of inspiration to also set aside money for the future as well as to make investments, especially since it’s not realistic for Filipinos to work abroad for their rest of their lives.  

Ang advice ko sa mga kapwa OFW eh unahin natin isipin ang magiging buhay natin kapag umuwi na tayo ng pinas dahil hindi habang buhay nasa abroad kaya mag ipon at magset ng goals para sa future,” Nerilyn explained.

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