[LOOK] Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed Visits Injured Residents in Abu Dhabi Gas Explosion

Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed on Tuesday, September 8, visited the injured residents in the Abu Dhabi gas explosion which took place on August 31.

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The member of the Executive Council and chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Office went to the Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City and personally extended his well-wishes to the victims of the accident in Abu Dhabi. 

[IN PHOTOS] Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed Visits Injured Victims in Abu Dhabi Gas Explosion 

During Sheikh Khaled’s visit, he also instructed Abu Dhabi’s Department of Community Development to attend to the patients’ needs, ensuring their rapid recovery.

Authorities reported the death of three people as a result of the explosion at a building on Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Road – known locally as Airport Road – on August 31.

Investigations, later on, revealed that a misalignment caused the explosion in the gas container fittings after the residential building was refuelled.

The explosion instantly killed two Filipinos and fatally injured one Sri Lankan. The blast also destroyed a KFC, neighbouring Hardee’s and other shops nearby.

The Sri Lankan Embassy in the UAE reported that another of its citizens, injured in the explosion, was in the intensive care unit of a hospital.

In line with this, the police urged the public to be more careful when dealing with gas connections and other volatile energy sources. 

On Tuesday, Sheikh Khaled instructed Abu Dhabi’s government offices to review safety and security requirements for buildings’ gas transport and storage and to upgrade them in line with best international practice to ensure the community’s safety.

Soon after the explosion has been controlled, Emirates Red Crescent stepped forward to shoulder the cost of accommodation of more than 200 people who were left temporarily homeless.

Moreover, the humanitarian organization has offered to provide support for 208 people living in the building who had to be relocated.

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