List of Taxable Items when Sending via Air Cargo

If you’re planning to send balikbayan boxes or packages to your loved ones in the Philippines it is good to know what are the items where you have to pay additional aside from the actual fee for sending the package. Mostly electronic appliances and gadgets are subject to taxes.

So if you’re planning to send a laptop back home, you will have to pay an additional 167 Dirhams. For mobile phones, it is 50 Dirhams. When you send luxury bags, there is a 10 percent additional tax depending on the price of the bag (you have to bring a receipt as proof).

Here’s a list we want to share based on a leaflet from LBC that we got when we had to send some stuff back home. Take note that these items are for AIR CARGO. If you plan to send via SEA CARGO, then these items are not taxable as per our conversation with an LBC rep.

Taxable Items via Air Cargo to the Philippines

Mobile Phone 50 AED
DSLR Camera 50 AED
Video Camera/Camera 50 AED
Toaster 50 AED
Bread Maker 50 AED
Hand Mixer 50 AED
Hand Grinder 50 AED
Electric Drills 50 AED
Speakers (Stereo/Car) 50 AED
PS2, PS3, XBOX, Nintendo WII 50 AED
Printer 3 in 1 50 AED
Home Theater / Mediacom 125 AED
Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry) 167 AED
Laptop/Ipad/Tablet 167 AED
LCD Monitor 167 AED
Microwave Oven 167 AED
Electric and Acoustic Guitar 200 AED
Keyboard Piano 200 AED
20-21 inch LCD/Plasma TV 500 AED
22-25 inch LCD/Plasma TV 850 AED
26-29 inch LCD/Plasma TV 1250 AED
More than 29 inch Ordinary TV 1500 AED
32-39 inch LCD/Led Smart TV 1600 AED
40-42 inch LCD/Led Smart TV 1700 AED
43 inch and above LCD/Led Smart TV 1800 AED


  • All items are subject to safety and security regulations
  • 10% duties and taxes charged for items not listed above with declared value or assessment value over 100 USD
  • Luxury bags should have receipt and subject to 10% tax charges of item value.

LBC Express Contact Information:

For more information, it would be best to contact your cargo shipping company.

If you plan to send your package via LBC, you can contact LBC Customer care here – 800-035702444. Their website is

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