How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Dubai

As in most countries, buying a new car in Dubai involves registering the vehicle under your name. But what if you are planning to purchase a secondhand car instead? In this case, you will have to transfer ownership of the vehicle under your name as well.

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Transferring ownership of a secondhand vehicle under your name is necessary. If you don’t, you will have to pay a fine of AED 3,000 when caught by the Dubai Police! So don’t forget!

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Dubai

Guide to Transferring Ownership of Car to Another Person

Before transferring ownership of a secondhand car under your name, take note of these prerequisite conditions, required documents, and procedure first:

Prerequisite Conditions

  • The buyer must be a UAE resident.
  • Both buyer and seller must be present during the transfer.
  • The seller should have paid all outstanding fines.
  • The seller should have terminated his/her insurance policy or transferred it to the buyer.

NOTE: In any case, the buyer needs to pre-arrange insurance (valid for 13 months) for the vehicle.

Required Documents

The buyer should bring:

  • Resident ID
  • Passport with residence visa (original and photocopy)
  • UAE driving license (original and photocopy)
  • Insurance certificate (original)
  • Transfer fee of AED 400 for a light vehicle or motorcycle

The seller should bring:

  • Resident ID
  • Passport with residence visa (photocopy)
  • Vehicle registration card (original)
  • Settled loan certificate from finance company (if any)

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Dubai


  1. Both buyer and seller proceed to the Dubai Traffic Police Headquarters or RTA Licensing Centre.
  2. Go to the typing counter, where the clerk shall assist in accomplishing a Vehicle Permit Application Form for the buyer.
  3. Submit all required documents at the registration counter.
  4. The seller should pay all outstanding fines (if any).
  5. The buyer pays the transfer fee.
  6. The new registration card shall be issued after five to 10 minutes.
  7. The buyer gives a copy of the new registration card to the insurance company and to the finance company (if applicable).
  8. The seller keeps a copy of the new registration card for record-keeping purposes, as proof that the vehicle has been sold and ownership was transferred.

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As long as the buyer and seller stick to these guidelines, ownership transfer is actually a quick and smooth process. Either way, as motorists, they should always be aware of Dubai’s traffic rules and regulations to avoid committing violations and getting slapped with penalties!