VIDEO: Shocking Footage Shows Danger of Jumping Red Lights

A few months ago, police authorities released a video about the danger of leaving kids in locked cars. Recently, they have released another video — this time a warning about jumping red lights.

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The video, shared by Abu Dhabi Police on social media, shows shocking footage of road accidents. Basically, it serves as a warning on what could happen when drivers try to jump red lights.

VIDEO Shocking Footage Shows Danger of Jumping Red Lights
Screenshots of video shared by Abu Dhabi Police on Facebook

Video Serves as Warning on Jumping Red Lights

Abu Dhabi Police have released the video as part of their “Be Road Safe” campaign. It was posted on their Twitter and Facebook pages, where readers are invited to share their comments.

The video reveals two road accidents. The first one shows a car jumping the red light at an intersection, only to be hit by a speeding vehicle from the left. Meanwhile, the second video follows a water-bottle delivery truck making a left turn despite the red light. This led to a collision with a car coming from the opposite direction, thus causing the delivery truck to overturn.

The accidents were recorded by road monitoring cameras installed near intersections. In both cases, the drivers jumped red lights — an act that led to terrifying vehicle collisions.

According to the police, jumping the red light could lead to fatal consequences. Hence, they emphasized the penalties involved for this violation:

  • For light vehicles, jumping the red light could lead to an AED 1,000 fine, 12 black points, and impounding of the vehicle for 30 days.
  • For heavy vehicles (e.g. trucks), the same violation could lead to an AED 3,000 fine and suspension of the driver’s license for one year.

Here is the full video of the shocking footage, shared by Abu Dhabi Police on Facebook:

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Aside from the hefty fine, impounding of the vehicle, and suspension of driving license — we mustn’t forget that jumping red lights endangers people’s lives. The UAE’s traffic rules and regulations are laid out for our own safety, so let us do our best to follow them whenever we are out on the road.