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Dubai Tips

Blog posts that will hopefully be of use to anybody who wants to learn anything about Dubai. How Tos, Dubai Laws, and government-related tips can be found here.

dubai to fujairah via bus

In terms of size, Fujairah is the fifth-largest among the 7 emirates of the UAE, spanning a total land area of 1,450 square kilometres. Interestingly, it is the only emirate that is located on the Gulf of Oman, unlike the others, which are situated along the Persian Gulf. What makes Fujairah unique is its magnificent landscape —… Read More

how to check travel ban 2

If you have ever been involved in a financial case and you would like to check your status, Dubai Police has introduced a new service that allows you to do so. According to the Director of Artificial Intelligence Department at Dubai Police, Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, anyone can use the service to check on… Read More

Situated on the Gulf Coast, along the western coast of the UAE, is Ajman. In terms of land area, it is the smallest emirate in the country, covering only 460 square kilometres. The emirate of Ajman may have the smallest land area; however, it is the fifth-largest when it comes to population, with 80 percent… Read More

dubai to sharjah public bus 2

The third-largest among the 7 emirates of the UAE, Sharjah is bordered by the cities of Dubai and Ajman. There are many places to visit in Sharjah: Al Hisn Museum, Al Zahra Square, Arabian Wildlife Centre, Sharjah Heritage Area, and so much more! With its many attractions, Sharjah is also known as the “Cultural Capital of the… Read More

how to renew pakistani passport dubai 1

Today’s article is geared towards our Pakistani readers. If you are a Pakistani national living in Dubai and you need to renew your passport soon — we’ve checked out the requirements and details for you. Keep on reading to know more! You can renew your passport at the Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai (or… Read More

how to renew indian passport

We’ve already shared about how Filipinos can renew their passports in Dubai. Today, we would like to share with our Indian readers how they can renew their passports while residing in the emirate. The validity of Indian passports is 10 years for adults, and 5 years for minors (below 18 years old). In this article, we… Read More

There are many possible reasons for quitting a job. You might be aiming for a higher salary, seeking a better career position, or simply moving to another location. Before you submit that resignation letter, however, we would like to remind you of certain things first. In today’s article, we share several tips for resigning “smoothly”… Read More

Aside from sending smartphones to your home country for just AED 65, Korooti has another exciting offer. Members can now send a brand-new TV to their loved ones at affordable prices! Korooti is a VIP discount card designed especially for overseas workers. Using this card, you can get discounts from hotels, restaurants, and shops abroad and in… Read More

korooti send cellphone

Whenever Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) go home to the Philippines, one of the most sought after “pasalubong” is the smartphone. While there are many gadgets available in the country, buying them abroad and presenting them as gifts makes coming home extra special! But what if we told you that you don’t have to wait for… Read More

Through the UAE amnesty program, those who have overstayed their visas have a chance to exit the country without getting an entry ban or paying any fines. Alternatively, if they wish to stay and look for a new job in the UAE, they may apply for a six-month temporary visa. However, what if the visa… Read More

how to apply for uae amnesty

The UAE amnesty program aims to help illegal residents to protect their status by either leaving the country or change their cancelled/expired visa to a valid one without getting any Fines. This is a good opportunity for a lot of undocumented expats to convert the UAE visas and stay legally or exit the country. Centers in… Read More

Screengrab from Khalid Al Ameri FB Page 2

Which is better for your health, shi sha or cigarettes? This is the question that Khalid Al Ameri attempts to answer in his latest viral video. Al Ameri is one of the most popular vloggers in the UAE. In his most recent video, he makes a comparison between two pastimes: smoking shi sha and smoking… Read More

Abu Dhabi central bus station

We’ve already shared about how you can travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi via public transport, so today we’re going to discuss the other way round! If you are based in the capital and you’d like to visit places in Dubai — what is the best means of public transport you can take? When it comes… Read More

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