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Dubai Tips

Blog posts that will hopefully be of use to anybody who wants to learn anything about Dubai. How Tos, Dubai Laws, and government-related tips can be found here.

how to claim tax refund uae tourist

Earlier this year, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) of the UAE has announced the conditions and procedures as to how tourists can claim their VAT refunds upon exit from the country. With the rolling out of the new electronic tax reform system scheduled to begin on November 18 this year, it’s important that we know… Read More

How to Avoid Credit Card Theft 2

Be extra careful whenever you use an automated teller machine (ATM), as thieves could be out to steal your bank account details. Abu Dhabi Police has warned against credit card theft through electronic devices that are attached to such machines, WAM News Agency reported. ALSO READ: How to Report Scams & Fake Items Using “Dubai Consumer” App… Read More

Kyrgyzstan visa application uae

Kyrgyzstan, a country of lakes and mountains that is located in Central Asia is such a country to behold. What’s more interesting about this country is that the culture, traditions and nomadic lifestyle are still alive both in practice and even in the hearts of its people.  Kyrgyzstan is one of the countries where the… Read More

how to use dubai consumer app 6

Have you ever been scammed into joining a fake contest? Unknowingly bought a counterfeit item or expired product in a grocery? Unwittingly surrendered your hard-earned money? You can report such cases right away, using the Dubai Consumer mobile app, Gulf News reported. ALSO READ: Check Rental Cases of Landlords & Tenants Using “Rental Good Conduct (RGC) Certificate”… Read More

check rental disputes using rental good conduct certificate service

We’ve already shared about how to settle rental disputes in Dubai, but what if you could avoid them in the first place? Using a new mobile app service… you most definitely can! Just recently, the Rental Disputes Centre (RDC) launched the Rental Good Conduct (RGC) Certificate Service, WAM News Agency reported. The service is the first of… Read More

working abroad and working back home 3

What’s the difference between working abroad and working back home? This is the main question tackled in today’s feature video by Boy Dubai blogger Ion Gonzaga and HR expert Lance Japor of DuBlog . If you are wondering whether to work in Dubai or stay in the Philippines, be sure to watch this video first. Listen as… Read More

how to apply six months visa

With this year’s announcement by the UAE government for those seeking to get amnesty or extend their stay in the country, many residents, particularly expats, are given renewed hope in chasing their dreams of building a life in the country. A new UAE temporary visa has been introduced to help expats who have overstayed in… Read More

How to Convert (Transfer) License to a UAE Driver's License 3

Getting a driving license in the UAE usually involves going to a driving school and taking a driving test. However, did you know that there are exceptions to this? Citizens coming from certain countries can easily convert or transfer their existing driving license to a UAE driving license. ALSO READ: How to Register a New Car in Dubai If… Read More

how to apply for dubai visa 3

Luxury hotels, man-made islands, the tallest building in the world, magnificent shopping malls — these are just some of the things that draw global travellers to Dubai. If you are planning to come here for business, pleasure, or both… then you should definitely come prepared! Before you visit Dubai, one of the things you have to consider is your… Read More

renew british passport dubai

There are many British nationals living in the UAE. According to The National, there were about 240,000 British citizens residing here in 2010. Meanwhile, the same article shows that up to 40,000 Emiratis visit Britain every year, indicating close ties between the two countries. ALSO READ: How to Renew an Egyptian Passport in Dubai Notably, there… Read More

how to renew egyptian passport in dubai 3

There are around 3.5 million Egyptians living across the Arab world (based on 2015 data cited by the United Nations). This includes the UAE, which quite a number of Egyptian nationals have called as their “second home.” Today’s article is directed towards this group of residents. ALSO READ: How to Renew an Indian Passport in Dubai… Read More

dubai to umm al quwain via bus

The emirate of Umm Al Quwain is located between Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah. Spanning a land area of about 800 square kilometres, it is one of the smaller emirates in the UAE. In terms of number of people, this emirate also has the smallest population in the country. Even so, there are plenty of places… Read More

dubai to ras al khaimah via bus

Located on the northern part of the UAE, along the Persian Gulf, is the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK). In terms of size, it is the fourth-largest in the country, covering a 1700-square kilometre area of vast mountains, historic attractions, and beachside resorts! Notably, around 50 percent of the population in the emirate are… Read More

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