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I bought a gym membership in a local gym in Karama and paid only 150 Dirhams for the monthly fee. This is good as I’ll be “forced” to spend the money I invested to exercise.

Actually, I’ve been working out even before. The previous flat where I was living had a residence gym so I didn’t have to pay for expensive memberships in fitness clubs like Fitness First or Gold’s Gym – my current pay cannot support that expense.

Cheap Gym Membership in Karama

I thought about how much money I need to sign up for cheap gyms in Dubai. I found a regular one for 150 AED. The gym is not that grand, but it has enough facilities like free weights and machines for Lifting. These are already alright for me since I don’t spend hours and hours exercising.

dubai karama gym

Although it can become crowded at times especially after shop hours when other employees in the Karama Souq would exercise after their duties from work. But aside from the space, I don’t really have anything to complain about. Even if I prefer the more upscale gyms, this local one would suit me just fine.

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  • Mary Grace Alejo

    Hello Good morning I just want to enrolled on your gym.. Thanks Grace

  • patrick allam

    How can reach the gym, let me know the area of the gym so i can visit.

  • Sudhan

    \how can i join there?

  • Glen contillo

    Contact number please?

  • Darna Caballegan

    I want to enroll in your gym. I just want to know, what time you open and what time close? And how much is 1 month.


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