Looking for Gyms in Dubai

There are lots of gyms in Dubai. Only thing is that they’re mostly off my budget. I work about 10 hours a day from my shift in a retail shop inside a mall, I have less time on my hands. Given that I also use the remaining free hours to blog about Dubai, I have difficulty in signing up for a club membership.

gym in dubai
residence gym in Dubai

Since I don’t have much time to spend by going to different excursions, I use the little free time that I have by exercising.

Also, even if there are gym clubs like Fitness First and Gold’s Gym in Bur Dubai (where I am based), I don’t have enough funds to sign up for an account in these health clubs. I only have a small basic salary and the money that I  earn is allotted to everyday expenses and monthly contributions for my family back in the Philippines. Hence, I can only rely on jogging and the gym inside the residence building for my daily exercise.

I’m happy with it, but I’m looking for a gym that has more equipment, particularly more FREE weights section of which the current residence gym doesn’t have.

dubai cheap gym
few key equipments

I’ll most likely sign up for a membership in the coming months near Karama as I will be transferring to another location. I will only look for cheaper options where I can pay a monthly fee of at least 150 Dirhams. Although it would be crowded, so long as I have space for myself, it’s fine by me.

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