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banned medicine

There are certain substances that are banned in the UAE, and bringing them into the country is a criminal offence. At Sharjah International Airport recently, three suspects were arrested for trying to smuggle in 10 grams of marijuana and 30 kilograms of hashish hidden in bags. According to the Head of the Anti-Narcotic Department at Sharjah… Read More

It was only last week when Japan-made Kikkoman soy sauce was banned from entering and circulating in the UAE. Just recently, another product has been banned in the country — a slimming product known as “Magic Slim.” The Dubai Municipality announced a ban on Magic Slim, a Chinese natural medicine used for dieting and weight… Read More

airport passenger uae

A reminder to all passengers, do not accept items from strangers when flying. You might not realize the item that you are carrying is illegal/banned in the UAE. An Arab passenger learned this lesson the hard way recently, when he agreed to carry a packet of “medicine” for a “friend’s sister.” Upon arriving at the Sharjah… Read More

banned medicines in uae

Travel Advisory – People who travel to the UAE for tourism or for business, it is important that you are aware of medicines that are banned from being carried by any individual entering the country. Tramadol could be prescribed by doctors from other countries but bringing it into the UAE is a criminal offence. People committing… Read More