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Dubai expat

Around 100,000 foreign workers in the UAE will receive a new guide book this year. It contains information about the country’s culture, workers’ rights and responsibilities, basic services, emergency hot-lines, and other things that expatriates should be aware of when living in the UAE. Recently, Senator Manny Pacquiao announced that a new handbook for OFWs (Overseas… Read More

These days, if you go around asking people: “Which country would you like to work in?” For sure, many of them will answer: “Dubai.” Indeed, what used to be a vast, desert area in the UAE is now one of the most popular business and tourist destinations in the world. Even today, the list of… Read More


Time for another interview with an OFW expat in Dubai. We are lucky to interview Ion, the popular blogger behind BoyDubai.com. Ion has been in the UAE for 9 years and is currently working as a Senior web designer (User Experience). One of the interesting things we found out is that Ion’s background back in college was more on… Read More

Hello Dubai. At last, I am finally here! I’m starting a new life, I’m walking a new path. I can’t wait to see what I will be in a few years. I can’t wait for things to unfold. For now, let me enjoy what you have to offer. Let me milk it’s worth. Let me… Read More