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the beach jbr exercise

It can be a struggle to balance work, home and daily life. Keeping our bodies fit and healthy can sometimes be more of an afterthought than an active process. If you’re finding it difficult, here are three quick tips to help you help yourself, from a glass of water to a set of press ups… Read More

toronto bodybuilding sharjah

Residents in Sharjah’s Nasseriya, Maysaloon, and Al Sharq district who are looking for a fitness gym in the area, the Toronto Bodybuilding gym is a new fitness center might be a place that will interest you. This men’s gym is located at The Grand Avenue commercial complex in Al Qasimi Street and they just recently… Read More

Sales jobs in dubai

A Membership Sales Consultant is expected to generate revenue to the Al Areesh Club through Club Membership sales. Al Areesh Club is under the real estate division of the multi-million dollar company, Al Futtaim group. For this position, you need to have valid experience working in the same role for a minimum of 6 months.… Read More

cheap gym in bur dubai

Since I transferred to another location in Dubai, I’ve been searching for cheap gyms in the area. I was doing my exercise rounds in an affordable gym in Karama for 150 AED/month and I was hoping to find one here. The Gold’s Gym in Al Musalla Tower is a bit pricey for me since I… Read More

There are lots of gyms in Dubai. Only thing is that they’re mostly off my budget. I work about 10 hours a day from my shift in a retail shop inside a mall, I have less time on my hands. Given that I also use the remaining free hours to blog about Dubai, I have… Read More