Water, Fruit and Home Workouts: Three Steps Toward Maintenance Fitness

It can be a struggle to balance work, home and daily life. Keeping our bodies fit and healthy can sometimes be more of an afterthought than an active process. If you’re finding it difficult, here are three quick tips to help you help yourself, from a glass of water to a set of press ups in the morning.

Please check out these simple tips as this does not require you to sign up for an expensive gym membership or buy latest nutritional supplements. These are practical health and fitness guides that can make for a healthier you.

Two Litres a Day, Or More

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Water. Liquids. Hydration. According to one study, less than one percent of people actually achieve the daily recommended intake of eight glasses a today – two litres or there about when measured. If you’re in a hot environment like Dubai and prone to sweat or exertion, this number can be even higher, and it’d be a mistake to underestimate the many benefits the right amount of water can provide to your body. It aids in weight loss, wrinkles, headaches and dizziness. It keeps your energy levels high, your brain in good condition and is an active participant in almost every process in your cells. When trying to keep fit and healthy, ensure water is a key part of your diet. Pure water, tap or bottled, is best. Whilst tea, juices, soda and food can contain a certain amount, the actual stuff itself is the best route toward success. Try carrying a bottle around with you all day to drink and refill. Have it at your desk, and at the dinner table. Build that habit, and your body will thank you for it later on. According to MayoClinic, one of the first signs of dehydration can be cracked or sore lips, so pay attention when you’re out in the sun and bring the lip balm.

Fruit and Fresh Veg – Getting Your Five a Dayripe market dubai

A varied and balanced diet is just as important as staying hydrated when trying to keep your body in working condition, ready for exercise and feeding the muscles that already exist. It might sound simple, but you’d be surprised by how many of us fail to eat a decent amount of fruit and vegetables on any given day. In this situation, it’s all about being conscious of what’s on your plate. Could you swap out black coffee for muesli and dried fruits for breakfast? Can you carry an apple around as a snack? Make sure to get enough lean meat, too, and keep those protein levels high. If you’re not much for cooking, Deliveroo has a range of healthier options, including Japanese food, that can get you those vitamins and minerals without busting the calorie budget. Eating well, and getting plenty of fruit and veg is an invaluable habit to have, and the diet is especially refreshing in the Dubai heat.

Fitness, Without A Gymthe beach jbr exercise

When busy, workouts fall behind. It happens. So long as you’re drinking and eating the right stuff, you should be ok for a certain amount of time, but eventually, you’re going to lose some progress. You don’t have to be out on the track or swimming laps in the pool to get your daily dose of exercise, however. Triathlete has a great hour-long home workout that doesn’t require equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere. When life gets crazy, find a slot in your day and break a sweat. Staying fit is great for the mind and for the body, so take care of yourself.

Regardless of how hectic your schedule around the city, you can keep those muscles toned, you can keep on aiming for a drop on the scales, and you don’t have to say goodbye to previous progress. Stay aware of your food, stay active, and you’ll do just fine.