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Are you currently searching for a new job in Dubai? Is your contract about to end or has it ended already? Either way, you have to address an extremely important and urgent matter: money. Like most (if not all) expats, you arrived in Dubai seeking a job that pays a good salary. However, when your… Read More

Amid rising costs, we should always be on the lookout for tips on saving money. In recent months, the Ministry of Energy in the UAE mentioned about the increase in fuel prices. And so, today we present some tips on how you can save money on petrol in Dubai. Aside from housing and food, most… Read More

After working as an OFW in Dubai for 10 months, I finally set up a Savings Account from RAKBANK. I now have a debit card to use and I can deposit a certain amount every payday to set aside money for future use. My UAE RAKBANK Fast Saver Account – initial deposit of 1000 AED.… Read More