10 Tips to Land a Job in the UAE

The times they are a-changing, as the old song goes, and these include ways of finding a job and getting hired. So if you are a fresh graduate looking for your first job, or a professional seeking a change of career…. it’s time to update your resume and get ready!

In the past, job seekers would print lots of resumes, submit them personally or send them via post, and wait for a call to get interviewed — a process that could take days or weeks. Today, the Internet has made things much faster and more convenient, but not necessarily easier, as the “competition” can be tough!

10 Tips to Land a Job in the UAE

Guide to Getting Your Dream Job in the UAE

These days, the career landscape is ever changing, including the ways of hiring and getting hired. You can submit your resume via email, get interviewed over the phone or through a video call, and get hired within a day or a few days, depending on the need of the company.

And so, to give you a head start on finding the job of your dreams in the UAE, here are some tried and tested tips:

#1 – Create a CV or resume, and keep it updated.

Just as an advertisement aims to sell a product or service, the purpose of your resume is to sell you — your knowledge, skills, and expertise. You want it to sound impressive, yet honest and realistic. This is your chance to highlight your strengths and achievements, so try to make your CV stand out, especially since an employer/recruiter often has to skim through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes!

From time to time, don’t forget to update your resume. After attending a seminar, for example, don’t forget to include the details (e.g. title, date, location) in your resume, as these are added “credentials” to you as the job seeker.

#2 – Prepare important documents and identification.

Aside from your resume, you will need to prepare other documents, such as course certificates and transcripts of records. Be sure to have them attested first, as proof that your papers are legit and authentic. See to it that your passport, identification cards, and other important documents are also valid and updated.

#3 – Join a “job-focused” social network.

While it is entirely possible to find a job through Facebook or even Twitter, you might want to consider joining a “job-focused” social network. Perhaps the most popular platform for this is LinkedIn, which currently has more than 225 million members around the world. Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, it is a website that matches applicants with their dream careers!

#4 – Learn more about the job and the company.

Before you apply, try to learn more about the job you’re applying for as well as the company itself. First of all: Is the company legit? Is it registered with legal authorities in the UAE? Keep in mind that there are scrupulous individuals and illegal recruiters around, seeking to rob you of your hard-earned money and savings… Which brings us to a second point: Do not pay anything! If the company asks you for money to process your visa or medical test, then it is most likely not legit!

#5 – Consider an “internal transfer” within the same company.

If you are already employed but seeking a career change, consider looking within the same company. There could be a job opening in a different department, and you think you are better suited for this job. So go for it! Of course, don’t forget to communicate with your boss first about making an internal transfer. He/She may even give you a recommendation for it!

10 Tips to Land a Job in the UAE

#6 – Study Arabic and read about local culture.

While English is the common medium of communication in the workplace, having a basic knowledge of Arabic gives you extra advantage. Likewise, learning more about the local culture, such as Ramadan do’s and dont’s and UAE social etiquette, would give you better insights about the country in general.

#7 – Find a job where you can “add value” and grow.

Based on your strengths and skills, you have the potential to contribute and grow within a company. If you are good in mathematics, for example, you could build a rewarding career in accounting, business, education, and management, to name a few. Likewise, if you are good in visual arts, a career in graphic design, animation, and other related fields would be perfect for you! It is simply a matter of knowing what you are good at, strengthening your skills, and seeking good opportunities.

#8 – Build and expand your network.

Aside from what you know, “who you know” is also a factor in getting a job. Do you have old classmates in a similar field? A former colleague who can give you a referral? Having friends in different places can open doors to new career opportunities. So wherever you are right now, take a look at your contacts list and see who could be of help!

#9 – Don’t give up! Keep on searching.

If you think you haven’t had much luck in job-hunting, don’t give up. Keep on searching! In careers, as in life, there’s always something new, just around the corner. Strive to keep a positive attitude and always expect that great things are coming your way!

#10 – Keep on learning.

Whether you are in-between jobs or already hired, never stop learning. If you are not employed at the moment, why not take the time to learn a new skill? Taking a short course, learning a new language, or even engaging in volunteer work are great ways to “upgrade” yourself. Similarly, if you are already employed, look around the workplace for seminars, training, and other programs that can help you gain new knowledge or develop new skills.

Finding a job in the UAE, or anywhere else, for that matter, is not always easy. But through careful preparation, hard work, and positive thinking, you will soon find yourself landing your dream job! And to help you with your search, here’s a list of websites in the UAE where you can find job vacancies and submit your resumes. Good luck and happy job-hunting!