Applying for Work in the UAE? Here are 5 Useful Tips and Tricks

There’s no doubt that the UAE is one of the more popular destinations for expats and OFWs who are looking for jobs. Aside from being a first-world country, the UAE is considered an open country in the Middle East. This means that Emiratis and other residents in the UAE are open to many different cultures and nationalities.

Because of these reasons, Filipinos visit the UAE to find work and to earn more than they did back in the Philippines. In this post, we will share several tips that can help you quickly get a job in the UAE. 

5 Useful Tips on How to Quickly Find a Job in the UAE

5 Useful Tips on How to Quickly Find a Job in the UAE

There are two legal ways to look for a job in the UAE: applying online or through an agency. Although it was common in the past to go to the UAE on a visit visa then apply for work there, do know that this process is considered illegal

So, before you get started with your job hunting, make sure that you’ve covered the basics. Have your valid documents ready. This includes your passport, CV and cover letter, etc.

#1. Before you look for a job, know where to look first.

As we’ve mentioned, you can either go through an agency or apply online. If you’ll go through an agency, you should do your research first and find which ones have a good track record in terms of deployment and employment of OFWs in the UAE. This will give you the assurance that you will be in safe hands and avoid scammers who will ask large amounts of money from you to process your papers but end up losing your money and still, without a job in the end.

Alternatively, you can also look for a job online or ask your relatives or friends in the UAE to help you find an agency or a company that can process your work papers for you for a reasonable fee. Again, you will still need to do your research on the employer or company that your contact person(s) in the UAE will refer you to. 

But if you do not have any contact person in the UAE, you can always visit the POEA job board and find a licensed agency there that can help you apply for work in the UAE. You can filter your search according to country, job title, and agency.

#2. Plan when to look for a job in the UAE. 

This works for those looking for a job online and those already in the UAE who are looking for a new job. As much as possible, do not go job hunting in the summer or during Ramadan. As you may have heard, business hours during the month of Ramadan are only limited to five to six hours per day. This is because Muslim employers need to observe their religious practices such as prayer and fasting every day for the entire month. 

With only limited hours of operation, companies won’t particularly need to hire a lot of people during those times. Also, for those already in the UAE, you would know that Ramadan typically falls around the summer so the extreme weather does not make it ideal to do walk-in applications during those times.

#3. Do not just rely on online applications.    

If you could do more to increase your chances of getting hired or even getting a callback, then why not do it? For those who are in the UAE and are looking to find a new job, do not just rely on sending online applications. If your job hunting is timed accordingly (ideally during the winter season), then you can maximize your time looking for work by visiting offices in buildings and submitting your CV and cover letter in person.  

#4. Join Facebook Groups.  

Technology these days makes us connected in more ways than one. By joining Facebook groups (e.g. job hiring in Al Ain/Dubai, etc.) you can easily connect with headhunters and HR professionals in the area and get updates when they post job openings from their companies. You can also look for similar groups on Facebook such as those offering jobs for OFWs in the UAE and the like.

#5. Actively look for jobs on various websites in the UAE.

Depending on your location, you can check out popular job sites in the area to get updated with local job openings and even those abroad. There are a handful of popular job sites in the UAE such as:

  • Linkedin
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • AuthorityJob
  • Buzzon
  • Dubizzle
  • Bayt
  • Laimoon
  • GulfTalent

To maximize every job opportunity online, be sure to check all the requirements and position yourself as the most qualified candidate for the job by customizing your CV and cover letter. Do not just settle with a template or single document for all your job applications. As much as possible, write a cover letter for each position you are applying for. 

If you do all of the tips we have shared with you in this post, your chances of getting a job in the UAE will increase by at least a dozen times. 

Remember, the key to getting a job is not only based on your qualifications but more importantly, your determination to grow and to learn. 

Although many companies have been closing and are forecast to close this year, jobs will not run out. But it is up to you on how to be creative and resourceful in finding one. Do your research and understand the trends in job markets so that you can better position yourself above other candidates applying in the same field. 

And to gain more advantage, you should also consider “upskilling” so that your skills and expertise can be upgraded for various industries that are more in demand starting this year. A good place to start is by looking for training programs online such as those offered by TESDA for OFWs.

Applying for a job can be a daunting challenge for both newbie and experienced OFWs. But no matter how challenging this may seem, your determination will carry you through your situation and help you rise above your circumstances.

Have you tried applying for work in the UAE? Which of the tips we shared did you apply on your job hunting? Was it effective? Are there any other tips you would like to share with other aspiring or our fellow OFWs? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below! 

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