4 Crucial Questions During a Marketing Interview in Dubai

Dubai without a doubt is blossoming with immense to explore about. While the banking and finance sector has gone for a complete toss to greater heights, the real estate sector stands tall with numerous opportunities too. With global events like the Dubai Expo to happen in 2020, the job market here already seems to go at full speed, witnessing professionals from around the world flocking in numbers to the Emirates.

Corporations in the country for sure have multiplied in numbers, but the demand for talent sees a surge nevertheless. One such field for which Dubai employers seem to alter their hiring plans is the Marketing industry. Be it a part-time one or a role requiring rigorous inputs, employment options in Marketing are aplenty over here.

Hence, the section to follow will help you in the same regard and talk about 4 of the most common questions employers ask during a marketing interview in this exotic emirate.

4 Questions & Answers for Marketing Applicants in Dubai


Q1) Why Are You Interested To Work For this Organization?

Well, this is a question nearly all Emirati employers make you brainstorm over, be it for any job in Dubai. Your answer should include things like how Dubai is rapidly growing as a business destination and the number of startups going for extensive marketing strategies in the emirate.

Let the interviewer know how you can grow with the company and the reason (like the HR policies and management practices) that suit your style of work. Instead of coming up with answers entailing a higher pay-package and change in environment, validating your answers with facts would actually work in your favor!

Q2) How Do You Differentiate Marketing From Selling?

Quite often asked by recruiters round the globe, a hiring manger sitting in a multi-million dollar Emirati corporation today wants to know, whether the foreign pick he’s about to make is sound with the basics or not!

Plus, of late it’s been a common scenario to see disputes cropping up between sales and marketing departments of various companies. While, marketing groups view the sales team as just a delivery mechanism, the sales personnel look at the marketing department as service providers for them to sell more efficiently. However, the logical validity of both viewpoints depends on the perspective you take. Whatever the case may be, an internal conflict between these two will bring down the company’s productivity anyhow.

What the employer might want to judge over here is a fundamental sense of respect, whether you possess it or not!

Q3) Describe an Important Marketing Project you Undertook.

Obviously, before sponsoring for an employee from any distant country and looking after all allowances that come along, the recruiter would want to make sure that the hire he’s about to make is successful enough in the field, during the past.

Answering this question you would be required to describe the strategies you took at various steps of the project. You should also include the challenges you faced, along with the hacks you adopted to set things right. Not to forget, do mention the accomplishments that happened during the course of it. Quantify every result with necessary data, wherever possible.

Q4) We Would Like to Know About Your Personal Brand.

Although, it might seem similar to the previous question, but has a different motive altogether. While, on the surface it might seem redundant, asking the candidate about his work experience and personal profile, but there’s much more to it if you dig deeper.

The recruiters employing for marketing jobs in a place as economically rampant as Dubai want to know, whether you are interested in building a corporate brand for your company, or building a glorious one for yourself only.

Building a corporate brand in a market as competitive as Dubai’s is a difficult task to undertake, but that’s what you’ll be hired for. However, your personal brand might actually be an asset to the venture, if you were nothing less than a celebrity in the field, in the past companies!

The hack to acing a marketing interview lies in sticking to the basics mentioned above. Just give your best shot in all aspects and hope that you will be given an offer letter in the end!

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Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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