Dubai Police Arrests Asian Man for Posting Video Promoting Fake News and Spreading Fear

Time and again we remind the public to avoid spreading fake news. Dubai and the rest of the UAE is quite strict especially when it comes to posting anything online and on social media that promotes harm to the community.

In this recent report, the Dubai Police arrested an Asian man for posting a video on social media which promoted fake news and inflicted fear among society. This was shared in a post from the official Twitter account the of the police which reminds residents and citizens that they do not tolerate any lawbreakers.

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No tolerance for lawbreakers – Dubai Police Arrests Asian Young Man for Spreading Rumours and Fear Online

Dubai Police has arrested an Asian young man for editing and posting a video that promotes fake news that spreads fear among community members.

Dubai police hereby warns that spreading rumours is a serious offence that will be severely penalized as per Article 198 of the Federal Law concerning Information Technology – which states that any person who intentionally disseminates false or malicious news, statements, rumours or disruptive propaganda, intending to prejudice the public security, to spread fear among people or to inflict damage to the public interest, shall be published.

The force also urges the public to report such activities to the (Police Eye) service available on the Duabi Police app, or to the platform.

Below is the Tweet from the Dubai Police regarding this arrest:

To everyone, especially in these times of crisis, let’s all help each other. Follow rules and avoid spreading rumours.

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