UAE: Boy Dies of Suffocation after Sleeping in Car and Left Unattended

Sad news as a boy has just died due to suffocation after being left alone unattended in a bus in Ajman. Reports from Ajman Police mention that a child, who was 3 years and 8 months old fell asleep inside the bus and was left alone for at least 4 hours.

All adults, please be reminded of the penalty for leaving children unattended or locked in cars constitutes a penalty of AED 1 Million Fine. But more than the penalty and Fine, be reminded that this involves a life.

More importantly, as the summer season hits the UAE, we have to be extra alert given the temperatures are rising.

As per reports, Brigadier Abdullah Saif Al Matroushi, Director of Policing Operations at Ajman Police, stated that the boy was taken to the hospital, but he died due to the lack of oxygen.

The Tweet from Ajman police mentions that the vehicle (where the child was left unattended) belongs to a talent development center in Ajman.

Below is a post from Ajman Police from their official Twitter account about this incident:

Translated: “The death of an Arab child from suffocation in a bus belonging to a talent development center in Ajman”

ajman boy die vehicle suffocation

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