How to Use UAE Health Insurance for a Doctor’s Check-up

I went a medical check-up after I experienced itching and irritation on my left eye. I called my insurance provider (Noor Takaful) and asked them what the process is and if I have to pay any amount for the doctor’s appointment.

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I have insurance via Noor Takaful, the most basic package available as I wanted to get the cheapest plan available to comply with the Dubai government’s requirement to have an insurance for my UAE residence visa. However, I wondered if the eye check-up was even covered. After calling them, they said that my plan is associated under NEXtcare health insurance. I only have to pay 20% of the doctor’s checkup fee, and 30% for medicine prescriptions. This gave me a relief as I thought I’d be paying a big amount.

For those of you who are wondering what to do in case you are sick and you want to have a doctor’s check-up using your medical insurance, you can follow the steps I did below for guidance.

Al Nahda Medical Center in Sharjah
Al Nahda Medical Center building

Step by Step Guide: Doctor’s Appointment in Dubai Using Health Insurance

The irritation had been going on for a few days already and it became unbearable especially when I wake up in the morning and I get blurred visions. I wondered if my left eye had something inside which was causing the itchiness.

Anyway, here are the steps I made for the doctor’s appointment via Noor Takaful – NEXtcare:

1. Call your health insurance provider – I called Noor Takaful to inquire about the steps for an eye check-up. They informed me that I need to visit a General Practitioner (GP) doctor first to get a referral form if I may need to see an eye specialist (Ophthalmologist) for further examination. They advised I go to Al Nahda Medical Centre in Sharjah as this is the nearest medical clinic within our residence area. If I get a referral, then I will have to visit another hospital – NMC Hospital in Al Nahda, Dubai.

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2. Call the hospital/clinic for a doctor’s appointment. I called Al Nahda Medical Centre to book an appointment for a General Practitioner. They said that I can simply walk-in during their hours of operation so there’s no need to make a pre-booking.

al nahda medical center clinic
visiting the clinic for the consultation

3. Hospital Visit. I had my appointment during an evening. I am glad that the clinic was not full and after filling out forms, I went to the GP doctor.

4. Follow doctor’s advise. The doctor mentioned that the irritation on my left eye was due to to allergies. She advised me to take anti-allergy medicine and also specific eye drops for the allergy on my eyes.

blood pressure check doctor sharjah
doctor examined my blood pressure if it’s normal or not — it was normal

5. Pay the doctor’s fee. The hospital only billed me 20% of the total hospital fee which was the doctor’s consultation. Instead of paying AED 50 for the doctor’s fee, I only paid AED 10.

6. Purchase the prescribed medicines. I only paid 30% of the total bill for the medicine prescriptions. Instead of paying around AED 60, I only paid AED 50. I got my medicines and I’m using them as per advise.

eye medication dubai
the medicine for my eye irritation

So this is the process of having a doctor check-up in the UAE using your health insurance

I am a really glad that I did not pay a big amount for the hospital bills. I was already preparing myself to pay about AED 200 for the check-up, but since I have insurance (even if it’s the most basic one), I only paid

price list in hospital al nahda medical center
Price list of fees for healthcare services in Al Nahda Medical Center

Furthermore, I’m glad that the doctor mentioned that the irritation was only due to an allergic reaction and nothing more serious.

I hope that this article will help guide you in case you may also need to go for a health check-up. To everyone, aside from health insurance being mandatory when applying for a UAE visa in Dubai, it is important that we renew our health insurance upon expiry as this is for our health after all.