Filipino Resident in Abu Dhabi Cares for Stray Kitties

Despite being unemployed, a Filipino resident in Abu Dhabi continues to carry out an inspiring mission… the feeding of stray cats around the capital, Khaleej Times reported.

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Back in 2015, 30-year-old Jonathan Sibol started feeding stray cats, spending over AED 1,000 of his own money every month to buy their food. Unfortunately, he lost his job last year. Still, his friends and other people offered assistance, so he could keep on caring for his feline friends.

Pinoy Feeds Stray Cats Around the Capital

Every morning and evening, Jonathan roams around the city, distributing food and water to more than 40 stray cats. Most of these are located near Medeor Hospital and around Al Falah. Before he lost his job, he was able to feed an even higher number of kitties.

He mentioned that in 2015, he began buying cat food, milk, and water for the stray cats. However, he has been unemployed for the past eight months. Fortunately, some of his friends help by donating cat food, so that he can continue feeding the stray cats everyday.

According to Jonathan, he wants to prove that financial problems should not stop people from helping others, including animals. He shared that “all living things are equal and we all deserve to live.” For him, feeding stray cats is “an honour” that makes him feel happy.

With plenty of time in his hands, Jonathan is keen on distributing food and water to stray cats around the city. He mentioned that he has been keeping and saving his friends’ donations. As a matter of fact, he is due to receive 50 kilograms of cat foot this month!

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We don’t usually hear about people caring for stray animals, like Jonathan does. And for this, we salute you, kabayan, for your humility and compassion! We certainly hope that you find a new job soon, as this would be a big help to you and your inspiring mission!

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