The Green Planet – Indoor Tropical Rainforest in Dubai

A rainforest in Dubai? It’s already a given that Dubai is always developing new projects and thinking outside the box. We already have a ski resort in the desert (SkiDubai), the largest flower garden in the world (Dubai Miracle Garden) and so many others. A forest wouldn’t hurt to add to this growing list of unbelievable things in Dubai, won’t it?

If you’re looking for something exciting to bring your kids, try taking them to Green Planet. This is an indoor tropical rainforest located at City Walk that houses over 3000 plants and animals.


Vertical Rainforest in Dubai at The Green Planet

A bio-dome that is first of it’s kind in the region and offers a fun time for exploration and knowledge to interact with wildlife. The forest environment’s dampness and temperature are adjusted to relate it to a real-life forest so that visitors will experience what it’s like in this vast ecosystem. Visitors will understand the wonders of a forest once they enter this big facility.


The Green Planet Dubai
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insects and animals
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Dubai rainforest
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various birds inside the indoor forest
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sloth animal in Dubai
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green snake
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the majestic tree
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There are 4 levels which are named The Canopy, The Midstory, Forest Floor and Flooded Rainforest to go through and I’m sure it will be worth it.

This is a great immersion especially for children to see and experience wildlife. It’s educational too as they offer exploration tours. Here’s a video of what you can expect in The Green Planet.

Once a visitor enters, he/she will be greeted by a marvelous span of floor and a big aquarium containing marine animals. The guests are then guided to to the top section of the dome where they can view the 25-meter high magnificent man-made & life-sustaining indoor tree in the world. After viewing the majestic tree, people move down slowly and encounter different kinds of animals.


the tree inside this vertical rainforest
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There are 15 programs with 5 topics for 3 age groups which are 3 to 6 yrs old, 7 to 11 yrs old and 12 to 14 yrs old that are influenced by the Ministry of Education. These programs encourage the children to be more responsible and have a huge amount of knowledge about the ecosystem.

This is definitely an eye-opening experience for the youngsters. We hope you can try to drop by and see so much greenery in The Green Planet!

Opening Hours

10am to 10pm – Saturday to Wednesday
10am to 12mn – Thursday to Friday

Entrance Ticket Prices

Adults                                    95 AED
Children (3 to 12)                70 AED

Group Booking: Please reach out to the Sales Team

Questions and Queries: Please contact 800-MERAAS (637227)

How to Get There:

Here’s a Google map location of The Green Planet Dubai. It is located in Al Wasl City Walk

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