Hoverboards Banned in Public Places in Dubai

Attention residents in Dubai, hoverboards are allowed in any public place in Dubai. These two-wheeled segweys have caused plenty of accidents that the government has mandated that they are prohibited in areas such as malls, roads, residential buildings and public sidewalks.

These portable vehicles are only allowed in certain areas where the use of skateboards and bicycles are also allowed.

hoverboards dubai banned


Hover boards are not allowed in public places

These hover boards have become a boom in the city sometime late last year, but have also caused accidents and issues when this. There’s a report that teenager was killed over a hoverboard accident in Sharjah and these motorized scooters have first been banned in Malls.

You will also not be able to carry these hoverboards in airplanes, whether as check-in luggage or carryon, as they are also known to be a fire hazard. So where can you bring them? You may use them only in designated parks where you can also use skateboards.

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