How to Import and Sell Perfumes & Cosmetics in the UAE?

UAE has evolved into a global trade and logistics hub. The personal care and beauty product market in the UAE is a growing segment with high demand from the local UAE market.

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UAE Government regulates the Cosmetic Sector to ensure consumer safety and to maintain consistent product quality.

The imported, as well as locally manufactured Personal Care & Perfumes, have to get clearance from the authorities concerned before selling in the UAE market.

How to import and sell cosmetics in UAE

Things to Know Before Importing and Selling Cosmetics & Perfumes in UAE

  1. Legal Scope for Cosmetics Business in UAE

The Cosmetic Law and the Fragrance Law governs the Cosmetic & Perfumes Segment in UAE.

  1. Safety Requirements to Follow Before Selling Cosmetics in UAE

The Cosmetic Sector in UAE must comply with the general safety requirements of the Gulf Standard Organization (GSO).

GSO Compliance ensures the products are free of any prohibited substance, restricted items in UAE.

  1. Product Packaging and Wrapping

Product Packaging and wrapping have to be compliant with the UAE GSO standards.

The products have to be packed in appropriate, clean containers that are free of sharp edges and are properly sealed/closed. Also, the quantity measure has to go through the necessary quality check.

Product Labelling is an important aspect to be checked on. The products that are intended to be sold in UAE and GCC markets must have English & Arabic Labelling stating how to use instructions, warning instruction, date of use, storage instruction, etc.

  1. Certificate of Conformity from ESMA for Cosmetic Products in UAE

The Personal Care segment is governed by the Emirates Standardization and Metrological Authority (ESMA).

The Beauty Products and the personal care items have to get clearance from the ECAS Certificate of Conformity to be shipped to UAE.

  1. Product Registration from the UAE Municipality

The Imported items and the locally manufactured perfume or cosmetic products must be registered with the relevant municipality in the UAE before selling them in the market.

There will be sample testing and approval from the authorities which will make it eligible for selling to the public.

How Can Foreign Brand Start Selling cosmetics & Perfumes in the UAE?

Those international companies looking for selling their products in UAE must be associated with an authorized local distributor.

The local distributors in the UAE will facilitate the imports, register products with ESMA & Municipality, and distribute the products to the end customers.

Alternatively, Foreign brands can establish a mainland company or a Free Zone Company and strengthen their local presence in the UAE.

Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai – Things to know

There are certain procedures in place to regulate the product quality, maintain the international standard, and support the growing cosmetic sector in UAE.

  1. Product Registration Rules and Regulations

Before distributing the products in the local market, the product registration must be completed with ESMA and at the specific municipality in UAE.

  1. The validity of Product Registration in Dubai

The product registration is valid for 5 years from the date of issuance of the product registration certificate.

  1. Procedures for Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

There is a list of supporting documents, authorizations, and clearances required for obtaining the green signal to sell cosmetic products in the UAE

The products have to pass through the compliance test of the Dubai Municipality. Those corresponding documents of the ‘Tested Okay’ products will be uploaded to the system and the product will be registered.

The Municipality then issues the Product Registration Certificate. Now, the product is ready to be sold in the local UAE market.

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