Infinite SKI: Endless Ski Slope Opens in Dubai

To those who want to learn how to ski at a much quicker pace and in a more convenient environment, head over to Infinite SKI which is located in Al Quoz. This is a new ski training concept and a new Dubai adventure where you can ski minus the snow. Now you can ski while wearing shorts!

Infinite SKI’s facility offers 2 high-tech Maxxtracks slopes. These Maxxtracks slopes are like a giant revolving belt to simulate an endless ski slope while utilizing Maxxtracks’ patent-pending MaxxGrass® surface which genuinely simulates skiing or snowboarding on snow. Think of it as if it were a giant treadmill specifically designed for ski boards!

infinite ski al quoz

ski gear

dubai infinite ski al quoz

indoor ski while wearing shorts!

Maxxtracks Slopes at Infinite SKI in Al Quoz

It’s great especially for families who have children who want to teach their kids how to ski. It’s also good for adults who are beginners. It beats the hassle of climbing down mountains of snow when all you ever need to learn as a starter are the basics. Balancing and getting the hang of the ski boards is much more efficient here!

In case you’re wondering what’s the difference between SKI Dubai and Infinite SKI, while both offer ski lessons and are set up indoors, SKI Dubai is an actual ski resort where you walk on actual snow. You have to wear winter clothes there. Infinite SKI’s slopes simulate that of the snow, and it’s a more compact version where you can just wear shorts. Both serve different purposes and the great thing is that as residents, now we have more choices to train.

maxxtracks slopes infinite ski dubai

Maxxtracks slopes

infinite ski dubai

skiers of all ages welcome

infinite ski al quoz

Infinite SKI

You don’t have to waste time in learning the basics because you can easily learn that here via their professional trainers. The staff all love to ski and are actually looking into building a ski team here in Dubai. It’s good to know that even if it’s the peak of the hot summer season, there are facilities like Infinite SKI that offer various activities and options for Dubai residents and tourists.

Infinite SKI is set up as a place for learning and training, overall while having fun in a comfortable environment. Snowboarders can also join in the fun as they have snowboards available.

Beginner sessions in each slope can handle up to 3 persons. If you are looking for something new and exciting to do, why not head over to Infinite SKI. They also have a cafe and a private event lounge in their location. Book a session and train to ski in the Dubai desert!

infinite ski al quoz

inside their cafe

cafe infinite ski

cafe made to look like a cabin

Contact Info

Infinite SKI
Address: 123 – 26th Street, Al Quoz Ind 4, Dubai, U.A.E.
Contact Number: +971 4 235 3408

Instagram: @infinite_ski
Facebook: @infiniteski

Google Map Location

Please see the map guide below as you drive towards Infinite SKI Dubai.