Man Assaults Cyclist for Hitting on His Filipina Girlfriend

Passion crimes are entirely not unheard of in most parts of the world, and in the UAE, this is not strange at all as crimes regarding relationship problems are also typically dealt with by authorities.

However, crimes out of jealousy are not that much common since flirting or acting indecently in public is a major issue in Arab nations, the UAE included.

Man Assaults Cyclist for Hitting on His Filipina Girlfriend

Arab Man Stabs Cyclist for Hitting on His Pinay Girlfriend

A 22-year old Arab man reportedly stabbed a cyclist several times for hitting on his Filipina girlfiend along a street in Dubai, as shared in a report by Gulf Today.

As per investigation reports, the Arab man was with his Filipina girlfriend and another female friend. The group was walking along a pavement in Dubai after a night of drinking out.

While walking, though, a cyclist reportedly hit on one of the Filipinas. The Arab man, furious at what the cyclist did, kicked the bike which caused the cyclist to fall.

Dumbfounded, the cyclist sought reason as to why the Arab man kicked his bike, but before he got any answers, the Arab man pulled out a knife and stabbed the cyclist multiple times before riding a cab in an attempt to flee.

The cab, however, was not able to pull too far away as it got stuck in traffic.

The cyclist later received help while the Arab man was captured by authorities inside a hotel in Oud Metha.

During investigation, the Arab man explained that he only assaulted the cyclist in an act of self-defence. He added that he could not remember the parts of the body that he had hit since he drank eight cans of alcohol that night.

The prosecution team sought for the heaviest punishment for the Arab man who skipped the trial for unknown reasons.

The ruling was deferred until February 28.

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