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There are quite a number of museums in the UAE, including the Dubai Museum, Etihad Museum, and more recently, Louvre Abu Dhabi. All of these places showcase colourful history, culture, and impressive art. However, there’s a different kind of museum coming to town!

Imagine a place where you can walk upside down, run through a swirling tunnel, shrink or expand in size, get lost in a maze of mirrors, or (gasp) serve a friend’s head on a platter! All of these and more await guests in the upcoming Museum of Illusions, The National reported.

New Kind of Museum Opens on September 12

The Museum of Illusions will open on September 12 at Al Seef in Dubai. It will be the biggest branch yet, with 80 exhibits that will boggle your mind and challenge your senses!

“When engaging with our illusions,” explains museum manager Varvara Svischeva, “your mind will combine some details and exclude others to create a sensory experience that defies logic.”

The museum has kept mum about the exact details of its exhibits, although we do know that it will feature a Vortex Tunnel, which will make the ground appear to move (hello, vertigo)! There will also be an upside down room, which is pretty much self-explanatory:

As if defying gravity and rushing through a spinning tunnel weren’t enough, there will also be plenty of Instagram-worthy exhibits. Fancy a serving of head, anyone?

Museum of Illusion Branches
In 2015, the first Museum of Illusions was opened in Zagreb, Croatia. Since then, it has opened in six other locations: Austria, Germany, Malaysia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Oman. Moreover, according to the Museum of Illusions website, new branches will soon open in:

  • Canada
  • Georgia
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • USA
  • and of course… Dubai, UAE!

We can’t wait to visit and post magical photos, including something like this:

Get your cameras ready and see you soon at the Museum of Illusions! Meanwhile, did you know that there will be another one-of-a-kind museum in town soon? The Museum of the Future will open in 2019… definitely another exciting destination to watch out for! Stay tuned for updates!

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