12 Best Reasons to Be a Hotelier in the UAE

Have you ever dreamed of working in the UAE? If there’s one thing you noticed in the UAE or Dubai is brimming with five-star luxury hotels from Bur Dubai to the newly opened Atlantis The Palm. Perhaps, if you’re thinking of working in the hospitality industry and want to jumpstart your career or have career growth then here are the best reasons to be a hotelier in the UAE.

1. Work in a multinational company

One of the benefits of working in the hotel is the chance to work for an internationally known hotel chains like Hilton or Sheraton in the UAE, it will make your CV highly competitive, with the booming UAE hospitality industry from hotels to restaurants, you have a chance to prosper in your career even if you’re an entry-level. Working in the hotel will give you an in depth background of working with a diverse pool of talents in the UAE, it is home to numerous expats, you can expose yourself to different cultures and traditions.

2. Have a luxurious or modern workspace

The workplace in hotels varies depending on your position, you can have a desk overlooking the beautiful Dubai Creek or an all glass yet spacious office in high rise buildings or within the hotel having an all exclusive department floor. If you’re the type of person who loves to have a workspace that is inspiring, modern, and encourages team collaborations than your typical cubicle type of desk then working in hotels should be your go-to.

3. Accommodation, transportation, and duty meals are provided

Living in Dubai is never cheap therefore working in the hotel industry can be a saving grace since, as a hotelier, regardless of your position in the hotel, you’re entitled to having an accommodation, free transportation back and forth to the hotel, and duty meals.

Aside from that you’ll also be saving money from buying corporate clothes or work wear since your company will be providing a uniform. If you ever think of having a career change outside of the hospitality industry, you’ll be missing the benefits you’re receiving from duty meals to transportation. It can be easy to take these perks for granted especially if you’ve been working years in this industry but its worth something to consider when shifting careers.

4. You’ll get service charge and tips 

When it comes to compensation packages, it depends on the hotel you’re working for, some would have low paying while others have a good-paying rate, however the good thing about working in the hotel, you’ll be having service charge or tips that will be added to your compensation package. Who doesn’t want to have extra money? Life is hard therefore having money on the side counts especially if you’re living in one of the highest cost of living countries in the world.

5. You’ll meet people from all walks of life

Since you’re working in the hotel industry, it’s inevitable to meet people from around the world. The hospitality business exists in every nation and the skills acquired there are easily transferable, working in this field might be your ticket to experiencing the globe and meeting fascinating people from all walks of life.

6. Its an In-Demand career in the UAE

During the year, several well-known hotels and restaurants in Dubai are looking to fill open positions. Dubai today has a thriving hotel business, and you may choose any number of positions within it. Because, after all, it’s an ideal profession and a thrilling one to work in.

7. Having a career in the hospitality industry is fun and challenging

The hospitality industry is not for you if you want a routine morning routine of waking up at the same time every day, eating the same breakfast, dressing the same way, and taking the same train to the same office. Both the hours you put in and the tasks you do throughout those hours will vary greatly. The hotel sector is imaginative and focused on its customers. Whether you’re in the business of making people happy with food, drink, or an event, there’s always room to improve upon the product you’re making.

8. Pick up the pieces as you go along

With so much room for growth in the hotel sector, there’s no reason to limit yourself. A few years spent in the same company may see you promoted from receptionist to bookings manager to concierge. Where else might one find such a broad selection?

Working in the hotel industry provides excellent training and development opportunities. Fortunately, the hospitality industry is full with opportunities to learn and grow, with many companies offering comprehensive training programs.

9. Wonderful ambiance

Although there are always going to be coworkers you don’t get along with and maybe even one or two who are a little bit hostile, the good news is that there aren’t too many of them in the hospitality industry. The hospitality sector is full of some of the most outgoing, gregarious, and enjoyable people you’ll ever meet because hotels don’t recruit people who are rude to our clients.

10. A positive impact on others’ lives is what you do

No matter what part of the hospitality industry you’re in—from front desk to kitchen staff to upper management—every day you go to work, you improve someone else’s day. If you want to succeed in business, you need to focus on people. The focus should not be on widgets or spreadsheets but on the satisfaction of the customer base.

11. It’s a key that unlocks a whole new universe

Since the hospitality sector exists in every country and the skills acquired there are easily transferrable, working in this field may be a fantastic way to travel the world and meet interesting people. Those that are thinking about bringing their talents to other countries.

12. Master useful abilities for everyday life

Of course, we also pick up theoretical know-how and soft abilities that will come in helpful in a wide variety of professions and daily escapades. Abilities such as talking to others, being realistic, solving problems, and working together effectively are all important. The hospitality industry is a great place for young individuals to start their careers since it provides a solid foundation for handling any situation that may arise.