Few Reminders Issued for Papal Mass Attendees

With the Papal Mass at the Zayed Sports City Complex a few hours away, the devout Catholic faithful couldn’t contain their excitement and anticipation of seeing Pope Francis in the flesh.

With the government announcing the date as a public holiday for those who have secured tickets to attend the event from the private sector on February 5, organizers are on their toes in keeping everything in system and in order.

Few Reminders Issued for Papal Mass Attendees

Attendees of the Papal Mass Given Few Reminders for the Event

The Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia (AVOSA) issued a few reminders regarding the dress code and what to consider for those attending the historic Papal Mass in Abu Dhabi, as shared in a report by Gulf News.

As per the AVOSA, Papal Mass attendees are required to wear clothing which covers their shoulders and knees.

Moreover, the UAE Papal Visit Team shared a list of items that will not be permitted entry at security checkpoints into the venue.

  1. Lighters, matches or any other smoking and lighting devices will not be allowed inside the venue.


  1. Weapons, sharp objects or anything that could be used as a weapon or to injure others and other unwieldy implements will also not be allowed inside the venue.


  1. Aerosol spray cans, corrosive, flammable substances, dyes, or receptacles containing substances which are toxic to one’s health or are highly flammable will not be allowed to be brought inside the venue.


  1. Bottles, cups, jugs, or cans of all type as well as other objects made of plastic, glass or any other fragile, non-shatter proof or especially tough material or Tetra Pak packaging, hard cooler boxes will be confiscated on-site.


  1. Tissue rolls, confetti, balloons of any type and size, as well as large quantities of paper and/or rolls of paper will not be allowed.


  1. Fireworks, flares, smoke powder, smokescreens, smoke bombs, or other pyrotechnics are also not allowed.



  1. Mechanically and manually controlled paraphernalia which produce distracting sounds or noises such as megaphones, vuvuzelas, hooters, gas-powered horns, or drums are also not allowed inside the venue.


  1. Alcoholic beverages of any kind, and controlled substances are strictly prohibited in the venue.


  1. Laser pointers are also prohibited in the venue.


  1. Racist, xenophobic cause, charity, or ideological concern related materials, including but not limited to banners, symbols, and leaflets, objects or clothing, and other similar effects which could affect the solemnity of the event will not be confiscated on-site.


  1. Cameras will only be allowed for private/personal use and then only with one set of replacement or rechargeable batteries. Cameras intended for professional use, including sound or video documentation will not be allowed.


  1. No animals or pets allowed.


  1. Computers and other electronic devices used for the purposes of transmitting or disseminating sound, pictures, descriptions or detail of the events via the internet or other forms of media will strictly be prohibited inside the venue.


  1. Any promotional or commercial paraphernalia, including but not limited to banners, signs, symbols and leaflets, or any kind of promotional or commercial devices, material and clothing will not be allowed inside the venue.


  1. Unwieldy objects such as ladders, stools, boxes, paperboard containers, large bags, rucksacks, suitcases, sports bags and chairs (except for folding chairs size 60cm x 40cm). “Unwieldy” is given to mean all objects which are larger than 25cm x 25cm x 25cm and which cannot be stowed under the seat in the Stadium


  1. Small flags and banners that do not exceed 1.5mm x 2m will be allowed provided that they are made from material which is deemed “of low flammability”. No flagpoles will be allowed.

Keeping to these small reminders will help ensure order and a successful meeting with the Pope on a historic date in the UAE, and the Arab world to date.

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