RTA Announces 136 Job Openings

If you’re looking for a job in Dubai or aiming for a career upgrade… then it’s time to bring out your resume! The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is now hiring!

That’s right! The emirate’s primary transport authority has more than a hundred jobs up for grabs. If you’re seeking a new job — a government post at that — this could be your big break!

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Time to beef up that resume!

Apply for a Job with RTA Dubai

With the vision, “safe and smooth transport for all”, RTA Dubai oversees transportation and traffic projects in the emirate. It also administers traffic laws and regulations to ensure safety for all motorists, cyclists, passengers, and pedestrians.

At present, the RTA website has posted 136 job openings, which include various posts for all levels. These new positions will be joining the agency’s more than 6,000 employees!

Job Openings at RTA Dubai
Here is a sample of the openings currently posted on the RTA website, along with a brief job description:

Job Position: Chief Accountant
Career Level: Mid Career / Specialist
Job Division: Accounts
Job Description: Run the monthly payroll for all employees, in coordination with the HR department.

Job Position: Chief Officer
Career Level: Mid Career / Specialist
Job Division: Employees Services
Job Description: Prepare and update section operations regarding BPM system. Assist in administrative functions of Section Manager.

Job Position: Chief Specialist
Career Level: Mid Career / Specialist
Job Division: Planning and Design
Job Description: Manage the Pavement Management System (PMS) of Dubai Roads Network and maintain KPI for road pavement index, among others.

Job Position: Inspector
Career Level: Entry Level
Job Division: Marine Operations and Maintenance
Job Description: Organise movement of Abras, prevent congestion, reduce chances of accidents, and protect the environment.

Job Position: Manager
Career Level: Mid Career / Specialist
Job Division: Investment Programs
Job Description: Manage new and existing investment contracts and ensure the achievement of forecasted revenues.

Job Position: Mechanic
Career Level: Entry Level
Job Division: In-house Maintenance
Job Description: Examine, diagnose, and repair vehicles.

Job Position: Office Manager
Career Level: Mid Career / Specialist
Job Division: Strategy and Corporate Governance CEO Administration
Job Description: Manage and arrange all internal and external meetings, events, and conferences.

Job Position: Senior Analyst
Career Level: Mid Career / Specialist
Job Division: Enterprise Command and Control Center – EC3
Job Description: Manage and ensure that EC3 applications and systems are up and running.

Job Position: Senior Engineer
Career Level: Mid Career / Specialist
Job Division: Traffic Safety
Job Description: Develop and implement formal procedures, administrative procedures regarding black spot treatment plans.

Job Position: Supervisor
Career Level: Entry Level
Job Division: Maintenance Engineering
Job Description: Review and update bus repair report daily and coordinate repairs and maintenance.

NOTE: To see the full list of job openings, please visit the RTA official website.

As cited earlier, RTA oversees all public transportation modes in Dubai, including water buses. Speaking of which, here’s an interesting video about abras, shared on RTA Dubai’s Facebook page:

It’s not everyday that a government authority announces job openings, so be sure to make the most of this career opportunity! On the other hand, if you are an amnesty seeker looking for employment, read more about this company that is offering jobs to amnesty seekers.

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