How to Implement Slow Living in Dubai

Dubai seems like a city that is ever-growing, and the energy is always fast-paced. Fret not; if you’ve been living for a while in the city and are looking for ways to incorporate slow living into your lifestyle for a change, here are our helpful tips on how you can slowly but surely do so!

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1. Slow down

Coffee in the morning on the balcony is a simple way to incorporate slow moments into an otherwise hectic day. Alternatively, try using a meditation app for a quarter of an hour before bed. Get out of the office and soak up some rays as you eat your lunch. It may seem self-indulgent, but getting more shut-eye will help you get more done.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a city like Dubai, which never stops, and stay up late when you’d rather be sleeping, checking your messages and emails or going out. When you’re done working, put the work aside and ignore the nagging voice telling you that every waking minute should be productively spent.

You can be so worn out that all you want to do tonight is watch the newest TV series or scroll through Instagram. If you can get through the sluggishness, reading a good book or writing in a notebook can be quite revitalizing. Instead of commuting and joining the morning rush, why don’t you wake up early and use an e-scooter if you have one or walk if your office is near your home?

2. Discover your peaceful spots in the city

You can find calm and solace in places besides your own house. There are several places in large urban areas where one can go to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while in relative peace and quiet. A comfortable bench in a quiet corner of a metropolitan park is possible; another is a regular hangout like a gallery, book cafe or library. Find a spot that brings you joy and peace outside of your everyday routine.

After a long day in a hectic city, the last thing you need is to come home to more chaos and confusion. Rather than contributing to your stress levels, a clean, clutter-free, and inviting area can serve as a haven where you can relax and rejuvenate.

To make your house a home, try these things:

  • Practicing minimalism will help you maintain order even when life gets hectic.
  • Pick a handful of treasures you want to put on display. A decluttered room should not be ugly by any means; it should be lovely.
  • Maintain a tidy environment. It’s disheartening to stare at dust or dirty laundry.

3. Make your house into a lush retreat

Just glancing at anything green has been shown to have a calming effect. A green oasis can be created with just a few low-maintenance plants in a garden, even if you have a full schedule. Create a calm escape by furnishing your balcony with plants and comfortable seating.

Bring some lush potted plants into your home or workspace if you don’t have a yard or a balcony. Plastic plants seem very lifelike these days, so they’re a good alternative if your pets like to munch on your greenery.

4. Set your priorities straight and start saying “no” to the rest

Meaning and satisfaction should be at the forefront of your life’s design when you adopt a slow lifestyle. Then it should come as no surprise that being overly busy is the result of having your priorities mixed up.

Determine what is most important to you in life by reflecting on your life’s mission. Examine your list of priorities and cross off anything that doesn’t belong there. It’s time to start saying “no” to them so you can stop using the excuse, “I’m too busy.” When you say “no” to distractions, you make room in your life for the activities that truly matter.

5. Get energized and motivated by your environment

Reframe the urban environment from one of sensory overwhelm to one of the infinite creative possibilities. When you’re feeling uninspired, a simple act of getting outside and walking around Dubai’s lively atmosphere can spark a creative burst of energy within you.

Art galleries, museums, street art, literary events, concerts, food festivals, and design shops are just some of the many obvious creative hotspots to be found around the city. Urban living, however, provides far more opportunities for unique ideas and perspectives. There are a million unexpected things that might spark our imagination, from unusual stores and architecture to people-watching and overheard conversations to regular human interactions to street fashion to the golden hour light reflecting on surfaces.

6. We must cease our habit of constantly snacking while on the move

Coffee and lunch on the go; it seems we’re always on the go to squeeze every second of efficiency out of our day. There’s nothing wrong with  maximizing productivity, but not if it means putting people’s health at risk. Moreover, studies show that eating on the run is extremely detrimental to our health. Sitting down and taking your time with whatever you’re eating or drinking is a great way to practice slow living and mindfulness.

If you’ve ever been to Dubai, you know the city is packed with cafes and restaurants where residents and visitors alike can relax for a few minutes before or after work with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. Even in this fast-paced urban environment, residents manage to make time for this healthy practice. Next time pause and watch the world go by while you remain stationary. If you’d rather have your meal “to go,” you can always stop at a neighboring park or rest on one of the benches while you eat.

7. Learn how to disconnect online

Living in the city means being subjected to noise and crowds at all times, whether you’re in your apartment by yourself or strolling around the streets. Instead of helping you relax during downtime, always being connected to your phone during the day will simply serve to further divert your attention.

Make it a habit to unplug at predetermined times each day, such as leaving your phone in the office while you have lunch in a nearby park, turning off your phone at least an hour before you go to sleep, and going on a no-phone staycation. Of course, it can be tough, especially if you’re feeling homesick and want to constantly talk with your loved ones back home or your job depends on social media, but unplugging can still be implemented to help you slow down from time to time.

8. Refill your free time

Most people find the time spent in transit or waiting (in traffic, at the post office, or online) to be the most frustrating aspect of city life. Who is to say, though, that we can’t turn those boring, sometimes irritating waits into something positive? One of the secrets to appreciating city life is finding the silver lining in every cloud. Try listening to a podcast, reading a book, or just thinking deeply while you’re stuck in traffic.