Swedish Woman Deported for Taking Pictures of Immigration Officer

Dubai authorities have deported a Swedish woman for taking pictures of an immigration officer during a row incident at Dubai International Airport, The National reported.

On July 13, Ellie Holman, 44, arrived on an Emirates flight from London. However, immigration officials discovered that her Swedish passport had already expired on June 10. She then produced an Iranian passport, according to Attorney General Essam Al Humaidan.


Dubai Deports Woman for Taking Photos of Immigration Official

Upon producing her Iranian passport, Holman was told that she qualifies for a temporary visa, which would allow her to stay in the UAE for 96 hours (or four days). Apparently, this period was shorter than she had planned, as she had come to Dubai to visit some friends.

Reports stated that Holman “refused angrily to the additional payment fees that the process would require, and proceeded to verbally insult the immigration officer and take photos of the officer via her phone.”

Below is a Tweet from Dubai Media Office regarding a statement from the Attorney General of Dubai:

As a result, Holman was charged for profanity and for taking pictures of a government official at a border crossing, which is not allowed. Taking a picture or capturing a video of airport officials / immigration entry points are not allowed in most airports worldwide.

Holman, a dentist, originally hails from Sweden but now lives in England. She was traveling with her young daughter, Bibi, during the incident at Dubai International Airport.

Woman Claimed Detention Over Glass of Wine
After the incident, Holman told British media that she was detained for having a glass of wine during her flight to Dubai. Drinking wine, however, is not an offence nor a reason for detention.

Holman also claimed that she and her child were not looked after. This was refuted by the attorney general, who stated: “The woman and her child remained together in the airport security office for less than 24 hours while services were provided to them, taking into full account and consideration of her four-year-old daughter.”

Meanwhile, Holman’s partner, Gary, received his daughter after their arrival and departed from Dubai soon afterwards. As for Holman, the attorney general mentioned that the charges against her have been dropped and that she was deported immediately instead.

To avoid problems such as these, let us make sure that our passports are still valid for several months whenever we travel. Let us also remember that taking pictures of people without their consent is a serious offence in the UAE, along with sharing and posting them on social media. Moreover, don’t forget to follow these social media rules, so that you can stay out of trouble!

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