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[Driving in the UAE] Parking Tests Go Fully Automated – RTA

Living in the UAE is like no other because everyday living has become optimized to offer the best conditions for residents to function at their fullest through the help of innovation and technology. This has been the vision of the government in terms of providing solutions for the people, to uphold their interests and boost… Read more

50 Discount to Emaar Attractions using your Dubai Metro Card and Emirates ID

The Dubai Metro is one of the most convenient and popular ways of  getting around the city. And now, hopping on the Metro has gotten more rewarding with new and exciting offers! ALSO READ: New Dubai Metro 2020 Route Quickly Taking Shape Emaar, in partnership with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), is currently offering… Read more

RTA Launches Circular Marine Line on Dubai Water Canal

There are many ways of getting around Dubai, especially now that there’s a new circular marine line that’s bound to make traversing the Dubai Water Canal even more exciting! ALSO READ: Ferry Service between Dubai Marina and The Dubai Mall Seeking to boost marine tourism among citizens, residents, and visitors — the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority… Read more

Passenger and School Minibuses Soon to be Banned in UAE

The government has been keen on intensifying its control and preventive measures to address road accidents in the country, which is among the leading causes of death in the UAE, next to chronic illnesses such as heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. ALSO READ:  New Traffic Rules, Fines Soon to be Imposed in the UAE Through… Read more

[WATCH] Gov’t Introduces New Dubai-Al Ain Direct Bus Route

Connectivity is one of the many important aspects of a progressive society. When you see that issues such as traffic congestion and road accidents are being systematically dealt with, you know that the government is doing everything within its capacity to provide timely and efficient solutions. ALSO READ: Dubai to Introduce 9 New Bus Routes… Read more

Dubai to Introduce 9 New Bus Routes on April 7

In the emirate’s bid to provide top-of-the-line services across various sectors, the Dubai government has come up with a decision to further expand its traffic network by introducing additional bus routes to improve traffic flow and minimize congestion in anticipation of upcoming major events by next year. Overall, the Dubai government’s decision to introduce additional… Read more

Dubai’s Infrastructure Solution to Address Traffic Congestion Takes Shape

What’s amazing about living in the UAE is how the national government is able to effectively implement projects through its well-organized emirates and their local government systems. For example, as Dubai gears up for one of the biggest international events it has yet to host, the Dubai 2020 Expo, various projects and legislative support have… Read more

Gov’t Applies New Speed Limit on Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan St in Dubai

With the on-going revisions on road fines and traffic violation rules in the country, it is quite evident to see just how much the government is putting road and public safety on its priority, especially as the holy month of Ramadan is almost at hand. Through the various social media and road safety campaigns pushed… Read more

RTA Halts Electric Scooter Rentals in Dubai c

Lately, you might have noticed more people riding scooters on their way to work, as a new means of getting around Dubai. Take note, however, that the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has called for a ban on electric scooter rentals — for the time being, at least. For several months now, companies such as… Read more

RTA Introduces ‘Nol+’ Loyalty Points Programme

Public transport here in the UAE is well-organized and convenient, more so if you carry with you a Nol card, which is typically used by residents to pay their public transport fare, among others. In its bid to fully digitise systems and processes in the country, the government is now looking at making public transportation… Read more

New Technology to Scan Drivers for Signs of Stress & Fatigue 5

There are different ways of getting around the city, and the Dubai Tram is one of them. But what if the driver gets tired or sleepy? Is there a way to check for signs of stress and fatigue? According to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)… yes, there is! ALSO READ: Etihad Rail — Travel from Dubai to Abu… Read more

[WATCH] UAE Hyperloop to Cut Travel Time from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to 12 Minutes

They say the mark of a progressive society is the quality of transportation it has for the people. If that’s the case, there have been plenty of major improvements accomplished by most emirates in the UAE at the start of the year, particularly in the field of transportation. From innovations such as the 21-seater abra… Read more

Dubai Sets Six Additional Bus Routes

Dubai has been progressively improving its transportation services in the city to mobilize activities within the emirate and throughout the rest of the country. As there are various means to get around to places here in Dubai, from trams, ferries, taxis, to abras, and buses, exploring the city and getting to your destination should not… Read more