How to Update Details on your Emirates ID (Resident Identity Card)

We’ve already shared about how you can apply for a resident identify card, which is also called Emirates ID. But what if you need to make changes on your card? How can you amend or update the details on your Emirates ID? Well, this is just what we are going to discuss today!

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship requires Emirates ID holders to report any changes in card details within one month from the date of change. To do this, you will need to go to any of the agency’s branch offices or to the nearest Customer Happiness Centre.

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Image Credit: Identity and Citizenship – UAE FB Page (Emirates ID)

Guide to Amending Resident Identity Card (Emirates ID)

Basically, your resident identity card or Emirates ID contains two kinds of data: key and non-key. Key data refers to your name, nationality, and date of birth. On the other hand, examples of non-key data are your address and occupation.

To make key data changes, you need to visit a Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship branch office. On the other hand, you can make non-key data changes at any of the centre’s e-service kiosks. In any case, make sure that you have the necessary documents as proof!

Required Documents
Before amending your Emirates ID details, be sure to prepare your:

  • Existing Emirates ID
  • Original valid Passport
  • Documents supporting key data change(s)

How to Update Details on a Resident Identity Card 2
Image Credit: Identity and Citizenship – UAE FB Page

Here is a step-by-step guide to updating your Emirates ID:

  1. Go to the nearest Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship branch office. Visit this link to see the complete list of branches.
  2. Fill up the application form and submit your documents.
  3. Pay the application fee (AED 150).
  4. Confirm your biometrics (e.g. photograph, fingerprints).
  5. Wait for an SMS indicating when your new Emirates ID will be ready. The process usually takes 48 hours from the time of submitting an application.
  6. Claim your new Emirates ID from the post office stated in the SMS.

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As you can see, making changes to your resident identity card is quick and easy, as long as you have all the requirements. Updating your Emirates ID is important, especially if you want to keep on working in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE!

DISCLAIMER: The above details are presented for information-sharing purposed only. To know more about updating your resident identity card or Emirates ID, please visit the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website or the Official Portal of the UAE Government.

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