6 Benefits of Living and Working in the UAE as a Woman

We’re living in a man’s world; as the famous adage says, sometimes it can be tough to find a place where women can thrive and at the same time feel safe. The good thing is Dubai is one of the most famous cities in the world, known for its luxury, premium hospitality, architecture, and rich culture. However, that’s not the only thing the UAE is known for but for being one of the safest countries for women. According to Georgetown University’s study, “98.5% of women felt safe while walking alone in the neighborhood at night. Therefore, the Women, Peace & Security Index ranked the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the safest country for women at night.”

It’s already a breath of fresh air to know that women around the globe can live and work in the UAE without fear for their safety and well-being. Yes, in the UAE, women can enjoy the best of both worlds solo or with their loved ones. If you’re still in two minds, whether the UAE is the right country for you, then read on to find out why it’s the best place for working women or women in general around the globe.

1. UAE is known for its safety

Isn’t it tiring to hear news constantly about bad things? For once, hearing good news like the UAE is one of the safest countries for women sounds like music to every women’s ears. In fact, it can be too heavenly to hear that they might start packing and leave for the country for good! Isn’t it tiring to walk home in a hurry since it’s already dark? Grab any sharp object in your pocket in case anything happens. You no longer have to deal with those exhausting thoughts once you live in the UAE.

Yes, the UAE is a unified country with one vision and goal to keep its residents and tourists safe and enjoying themselves during their stay. You’ll be seeing women still walking the bustling streets of Satwa to grab a bite or see women going home after taking overtime and would arrive safely at their apartments. Of course, precautions are still necessary, but to know that you’re in good hands while you stay in the UAE is already a relief!


2. Tish Tash Communications

If you’re unfamiliar with the all-women marketing and PR agency in the UAE, Tish Tash Communications, it made headlines this year for being the first agency to offer menstrual and menopausal for their women employees. Starting March 1, 2023, all their team members will get paid leave for fertility and menopause treatments, among other women’s health needs. This is part of the agency’s commitment to understanding and supporting the healthcare needs of women in the workplace.

Their company policy nearly broke the internet, and they received thousands of applications for their job vacancies. Working for Tish Tash Communications sounds like a dream for women globally and in the UAE since period-related and reproductive health concerns take a toll on a woman’s career. Tish Tash Communications is proof that the UAE has come a long way in terms of women’s rights and ensuring that UAE-based residents are earning their wages and living their lives. The hybrid setup and 4 -day work week implemented within the UAE also shows that men and women work together in a fair and balanced workplace.

3. Women can drive

Contrary to the misconception that women in the Middle East are not allowed to drive, UAE is one of the exceptions. Yes, some Middle Eastern countries still don’t allow women to drive for religious or societal reasons, but in the UAE, you’ll see women, whether local or expats driving cars on the road.

Women in the UAE are empowered to take the wheel and be in control of their lives here. It’s an added bonus if career-oriented women in the UAE have a driving license since it will help them prosper. If you’re living in a country like the UAE, seeing other women thrive, whether in their careers or passions, can be inspiring to step up to the plate and reach your full potential.

4. Women are respected and are the main priority in society

When you land in Dubai or any emirate in the UAE, you’ll notice a lot of things that women are really valued; on the metro or bus, you’ll see the women have separate cabins, men are not allowed to be with them, or else they have to deal with paying a fine. Whether it’s cultural differences or has something to do with the country’s main religion, Islam.

In schools, female students ha separate buildings- Gulf Kids who grew up in the UAE know about this! Of course, no country is perfect, but the UAE thrives on making the country a safe haven for women worldwide. Being home to different people globally, things can easily get lost in translation, but one thing is for sure, women should be respected in and out of the workplace here. You’ll even notice that employers mostly look for female job candidates due to preferences-which can be an advantage for career-oriented women on the lookout for new opportunities in the country.


5. Numerous medical facilities 

One of the best things about living and working in the UAE as a woman is having access to high-quality hospitals and healthcare plans since women often complain about mood swings, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and other changes in their behavior when these hormonal changes happen. “Hormones have a big effect on mood and anxiety. And it’s all kinds of hormones that do.” Dr. Hermann says. ”

It only makes sense for women who need better workplace benefits and premium healthcare. Wherever you go, pharmacies, hospitals, and medical centers are open for women anytime. Healthcare is one of the UAE government’s top priorities; women and people from all walks of life can benefit.

6. Active social scene for women

In the UAE, women, whether tourists or residents, can enjoy plenty of social scenes, from cultural events to tourist attractions. Women in the UAE can grace events to learn, have fun, and connect with other like-minded individuals; whether it’s for personal development or a career, you’ll indeed find something for you. If you’re a social butterfly, then you can easily find a community in your area! Homesickness can be easily dealt with plenty of social opportunities to attend to.