Is Dubai safe? UAE Safety for Travellers, Women, Expats, Workers

Everything you need to know about Dubai’s safety for visitors like women and families as well as the safety of citizens.

Dubai is known for its abundant tourist destinations. Dubai is also known for its beautiful architecture and there’s always something to do in any destination you may visit. The majority of its cities are filled with tourists and citizens with different nationalities, which is why it is a great choice for people who wants to travel. With travel, the emirate has always upheld its standard of being safe and secure.

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With its open spaces and beautiful scenery, many people expect the place to be as strict with its rules and regulations. After all, millions of tourists visit Dubai every year. This city prides itself in promoting its low crime-rate and overall safety not only for travellers, but for workers and residents too.

So, one of the things that are frequently asked before traveling to Dubai is:

How safe is Dubai, UAE? General Safety Concerns

In Dubai, they make sure that the aesthetics of the area are seen to be one of a kind, with that said, citizens of Dubai make sure to keep it that way. The more there are tourists attracted to Dubai destinations the better the economy grows.

So, to make sure Dubai keeps it as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for visitors and citizens alike – they made sure to implement strict laws for people to follow. Among those laws are what keeps Dubai very safe.

Dubai has a really low crime rate.

1. It is very rare for a violent crime to be committed there. So you can expect yourself to be very comfortable with its cities and open areas as it is completely safe in terms of crime rates.

2. If you’re a new expat, you might notice people leaving valuables on tables in public places like restaurants and food courts. Leaving wallet, cellphone, car keys, bags, may be a common sight to show that you’ve reserved your seat. This is something that a lot of people are quite glad because of this sense of security. However, it must be noted that you should still be careful of leaving your items unattended as you can never be too complacent.

3. There are however small laws that you should take note of such as the Sharia Law in which cross-dressing is illegal. Public display of affection such as kissing is also frowned upon that you can be jailed because of it. Do not drink alcohol in public or eat pork in public. Consuming alcohol or pork things should be done in private and designated establishments.

4. There is also the matter in hand where Dubai is very close to the Middle East and Yemen wherein there’s still an ongoing conflict. That threat of conflict is deemed to be dangerous for visitors and citizens alike. However, tourism is such a vital part of the economy of the UAE that the UAE’s military team and authorities are serious in keeping its residents protected.

5. There are also dangerous activities that you should look out for: such as, swimming in the Gulf as there are strong currents there, no matter how confident a swimmer you may be, there is still a risk of drowning or being swept away by the current.

6. Another activity you might want to do is to experience walking on the desert areas of Dubai, Dubai’s desert has stifling heat during summer that you should be aware of before planning to visit it.

So Dubai is generally safe for travelers and citizens alike, however, some people may still be curious about the safety of specific groups of people such as Women, Couples, or Families especially when they travel.

Here’s a list of all the things you need to know about the safety of those specific groups of individuals:

how safe is dubai
Is it safe to walk in Dubai during night time?

Is Dubai safe for Women Travelers and Working Expats?

Dubai is very safe for women travelers. Dubai is deemed to be the safest city for women among other Middle Eastern cities. In Dubai, it is more liberal in comparison to other cities that is why women who travel or go to work in Middle Eastern cities choose Dubai as their destination.

Do remember that being a woman anywhere in the world is always going to come with added risks. Even if Dubai has one of the lowest crime rates, it is still safer to be aware of risks especially if you’re a woman traveling solo. However, generally with Dubai’s liberal city compared to the rest of the UAE, it is safe for women and men alike.

With that said, the risks that women should still be aware of and make sure to take precautionary measures would be the following:

  • Walking around at night.
  • Always watch your drink when you’re out in drinking places.
  • Always ask the right people for help (Do not ask random strangers in dark places for help, etc.)

Just in case you are planning on traveling as a solo woman traveler to Dubai or should you decide to work as an expat, here are a list of things you should know:

  • Dubai prides itself in ensuring a safe environment, but as with any other place, you should still be careful. Avoid going out at night alone.
  • If you plan to go for job interviews, do not go to job interview places in shady areas (like deserted or dodgy locations. Research about the company beforehand and make sure the company calling you for an interview is legit. Make sure that you are accompanied by a friend or companion when doing a job interview. There have been a few instances reported in news where women claimed to have been allegedly assaulted so keep your guard on.
  • Be aware of rules for unmarried couples. Like other Middle Eastern countries, premarital sex is considered a crime.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended. Make sure to also keep an eye on your belongings.
  • Avoid walking around at night by yourself. Dubai is generally safe but you should still practice caution.
  • Get a taxi, it’s the safest transportation you can take. Preferably Pink Taxis, as those taxis have women drivers and they provide good transport services for women and families. The taxi drivers will keep you entertained with tours as well!
  • Dress modestly. In Dubai, they have a certain strict rules on clothing, as much as possible be respectful of that culture and stick to clothes that cover your legs and upper arms. You’ll get a warmer welcome from the citizens as well as they see modest clothing as a sign of respect.
  • Public transport has a women-only section. In public places such as restaurants, there are family sections where you can choose to sit as well.

Is Dubai safe for Families?

For women, there are more added risks and precautions needed when traveling alone. However, for families, it is very safe to travel to Dubai. There are a lot of places to go to that both adults and children will enjoy. There are plenty of beautiful places that every family can enjoy.

There are beaches openly available especially where the family can enjoy. Resorts have kids’ clubs and activities that can keep them entertained while the adults enjoy their vacation. There are a bunch of huts and places where you can get water and shade on the beaches so even if it’s scorching hot, there are plenty of ways to cool off.

There are activities like sandboarding or an overnight desert safari that you can explore as well if you want your family to have big adventures. Kids will have fun as much as the adults will with adventure type activities, there are plenty more that comes with tours as well.

Most hotels that you can stay in Dubai are all child-friendly. It is best to plan out the places to go to and the places you’ll be staying in before proceeding with the trip, read reviews by other parents for extra safety precautions.

Make sure to always bring a copy of an authorized letter and birth certificate if a child is traveling with a nanny or a relative with a different surname. Always be prepared with important documents when traveling with your children.

Children can dress how they want however as stated above, Adults need to dress modestly. The more modest you dress the higher the respect is given by Dubai’s citizens.

The above factors sum up that it is completely safe and everyone is open to welcoming families and married couples.

Is Dubai Safe for Couples?

For married couples, just the same reminder, always avoid showing overt display of affection to your partner. It’s okay to kiss on the cheek, make a quick hug or hold your partner’s hand. But anything more than these actions should be left at the privacy of your house.

Homosexuality is a crime here so please take note of this.

For unmarried couples, be advised that it is illegal for couples to live in together. So make it official, get married and stay faithful.

Now that we’ve covered the safety of traveling alone or with families, let’s discuss the safety of people who are planning to live in Dubai.

Is Dubai a safe place to live?

According to a recent census in the UAE almost 88% of people who live in the UAE are non-Emirati people. The majority of that population are in Dubai. The UAE is home to over 200 different nationalities with a lot of expats living in Dubai. The country makes up one of the highest percentages of immigrants in the world, due to this they had to make sure to provide the proper laws to keep all their citizens as safe as possible.

When it comes to living in Dubai, due to its strict rules and regulations especially when it comes to public places – it makes it a lot easier for people to live in safety. Communication isn’t that hard in Dubai as well as most people speak in English so if you just started living in Dubai, it won’t be hard for you to communicate with people from the get-go.

What else in Dubai is considered safe for people who want to migrate?

Private Transportation in Dubai. You have to be careful when you drive on the road. Even with the gigantic and smooth roads built in Dubai, with the abundance of sports cars and the trend of driving more than taking public transport – there are higher cases of getting into accidents on the road for it’s a lot more chaotic with the number of people on the road.

Inside the city, traffic is a normal occurrence due to the high demand for private cars. Even if there are multiple lanes, there are plenty of private car owners so you will notice that the traffic can pile up during peak office hours. Now, a lot of people choose to drive their own cars because in Dubai the fuel is cheap.

Dubai has rules against drunk driving and texting or taking calls while driving so be aware of these violations.

Public Transportation, on the other hand, is a little different, there are a lot of people who chooses to take Uber-rides or taxis to get around Dubai. I doesn’t require driving on your own expense and effort and it’s relatively safe as private taxi and Uber companies train their drivers properly. Public transportation such as their buses and trams are also relatively safe in Dubai. So if you want the safer option of going around the city, it is best to take any public transport.

Food and Water are essential things you need to consider if you want to live in Dubai, the good thing about it is in Dubai, there are small risks when it comes to food and water, Food and Water in Dubai are always safe. We recommend just drinking bottled water instead of from the Tap.

There are a bunch of Food chains and restaurants that are amazing in Dubai, with that said make sure to be aware of your allergies when it comes to food as Dubai holds specialties with exquisite and rare cuisine – so expect that some spices might have a different effect on you.

Water in Dubai is relatively safe, however, tap water isn’t. Pipelines in Dubai isn’t taken care of that well for the water flowing there to be deemed safe. Make sure to buy a refillable bottle especially when it’s summer and a few water purification tablets just in case the only option you have is to drink straight from the tap.

Healthcare and Other Insurances in Dubai, they offer free healthcare for all citizens and expats are usually provided with health insurance by their employers. Dubai has Healthcare City a hospital complex with advance private healthcare and training areas. Around 12 million people visit that complex for medical tourism.

If you’re a visitor in Dubai, you have to make sure you have travel insurance for you to be able to get treatments in Dubai. Emergency care, however, is free for everybody. So when it comes to Healthcare, Dubai handles it well just like other 1st world countries.

TO SUM IT ALL UP, Dubai is a relatively safe place to go-to for visitors and citizens to live in, as long as you remain aware of the laws especially the Sharia Law, and study the culture well, you’ll be able to stay safe in Dubai all the time.