Safety and Security: 300,000 CCTV Cameras Installed in 7,000 Locations in Abu Dhabi

Safety and is strictly being advocated in the UAE. In the emirate of Abu Dhabi, over 300,000 CCTV cameras have been installed in over 7,000 areas. These cameras are installed in buildings and public places which will help discourage criminals and anyone from carrying out illegal activities.

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Recently in Dubai, a European man was arrested breaking into an apartment and stealing over 3 Million Dirhams. Despite the man covering himself by dressing in an abaya, he was caught and his actions were retraced via CCTV cameras. So the installation of cameras in Abu Dhabi will surely help in identifying people and their actions.

cameras installed in abu dhabi

Safety and Security: Cameras Installed in Various Places in Abu Dhabi

According to a report from the Khaleej Times, an official from the Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Centre (MCC) stated that the cameras provide multiple levels of coverage to help monitor and nab culprits.

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“We are government department established by the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi. There are 301,798 certified cameras installed at 7,029 entities in Abu Dhabi. Our main aim is to ensure safety and security in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Our goal is to protect entities. In case of any untoward incident, CCTVs work as the crucial evidence,” the MCC official pointed out.