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Dubai Tips

Blog posts that will hopefully be of use to anybody who wants to learn anything about Dubai. How Tos, Dubai Laws, and government-related tips can be found here.

Cheapest Way to Global Village - Public Transport 5

The Global Village is one of the most popular destinations in Dubai, especially during the winter season. Currently on its 24th season, it reopened to the public on October 29, 2019 — featuring a gigantic Ferris wheel, a circus, a floating market, and lots of new attractions! ALSO READ: Global Village is Now Open! The Global Village… Read more

Before you head out to the train, it is wise to get to know the rules and regulations on how to behave in the metro station. It’s much better when you are aware about the Fines that one has to pay in case a person violates any of these rules. Also Read: Dubai OFW Fined… Read more

Overseas Business Set Up

Before setting up the business in a foreign land there are a few things to be considered. These insights will help you in establishing your business in a foreign land successfully. Here are a few tips to look out for before you set out with your new business venture in the overseas market. It will… Read more

shipping car to uae

Bringing your car with you to Abu Dhabi can really enhance your experience in the country. If you are considering spending a prolonged stay in the country, consider bringing your vehicle with you. If you do plan to shop your car, look into international shippers who specialize in shipping to the UAE, as shipping internationally… Read more

All About Visa Costs, Overstaying, and Modifying Your Status

There are different kinds of UAE visas, depending on the purpose of your visit, length of stay, and the kind of passport you have (i.e. your country of origin), among other factors. Each type of visa has its corresponding costs, service fees, and validity of duration. ALSO READ: How to Apply for a UAE Residence Visa for… Read more

cost of living dubai uae

How much does it cost to live in Dubai? Is it really expensive? How much salary should I expect so I can live comfortably in the UAE? These are some of the questions that people are curious about especially if they are contemplating on looking for job opportunities in this city. In this post, we… Read more

how to check travel ban financial case dubai

If you have ever been involved in a financial case and you would like to check your status, as well as see if you are banned to travel to Dubai, the Dubai Police has introduced a new service that allows you to do so. Let’s say you want to check if you have a travel ban… Read more

types of cars in dubai

These days, getting around Dubai is easy as there are plenty of public transport modes, such as the Metro, buses, taxis, and the ferry. Of course, if you travel frequently as part of your job, or if you live with your family here in Dubai, then having a car definitely comes in handy. Having your own vehicle… Read more

6 Practical Ways to Avoid Credit Card Debt

For many, credit cards may appear to be an easy way out of a financial deficit, but in reality, a person’s inability to handle them may also well be the cause for some to fall into the quicksand of debt. Also Read: How to Check if You Have a Financial Case and Travel Ban in… Read more

List of UAE Public Holidays in 2020 (and Remaining Holidays of 2019)

Earlier this year, the UAE Government issued a decree unifying the number of holidays between the public and private sector. In other words, private sector employees in the emirates would have the same number of holidays as government employees. Yay! ALSO READ: Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi, UAE And in case you missed it, we have… Read more

Driving in the UAE: What is Salik and How to Register a Salik Tag

If you’ve heard about the ‘white points’ system for drivers in the UAE, then you must’ve heard of the term ‘Salik’, as well. Salik is one of the things that the Dubai Police are looking into to reward white points to deserving drivers in the emirates. This is a big deal for those living in… Read more

Dubai Police Rewards Citizen with New Car, White Points System Explained

As part of the UAE government’s campaign to uphold safe road traffic, the Dubai Police visited a UAE national in his home by delivering a brand new car that he won by simply adhering to traffic laws of the emirate. In a video shared by the Dubai Police on Wednesday (September 4), Maj-Gen Mohammed Saif… Read more

ISO Certifications are always in demand due to its relevance in the competitive business world. The ISO Standards gets their periodic revisions once in every 5 years. The revisions enable ISO Standards to stay relevant in the latest market scenario and fast evolving business world. The ISO Certification journey follows 6 basic steps that are:… Read more

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