Dubai Entertainer Mobile App on Your Smartphone!

When I wrote a blog post about getting the Entertainer Dubai book, I didn’t realize that there’s a newly launched application which is the Entertainer Mobile. I received a comment from another blogger (Grace of sandierpastures) and mentioned that she bought her family the mobile version of the discount book.

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The Entertainer Dubai is a great discount bargain offer to residents with all the food promotions, theme park discounts, buy one take one offers and voucher coupons that the book can offer. 

entertainer dubai mobile 2014Inside the Digital Mobile app for your Smartphone

What’s the difference between the Entertainer Book and Entertainer Mobile App?

Well, you only have to download the mobile application, become a member,  and then purchase a copy of the Mobile Entertainer Dubai on your smartphone. This removes the hassle of having to find the actual book and coupons inside it. You can simply show your mobile device to the establishment and use one of the available vouchers. I love how Dubai has become digital.

One thing that bothered me with the book last year was that sometimes I would forget to bring the coupon whenever we’re out in city. Hence, we could not avail a discount in restaurants when we wanted to. Also, we have to search by page and check if this location has this restaurant offer. We would take time because we would flip through pages of the thick discount book. I would also accumulate coupons in my wallet and would make it bulky.

Convenience of the Mobile Applicationdubai entertainer mobile 2014

One word for this Entertainer digital application is CONVENIENCE. It’s very convenient especially in these points:

  • No More Heavy Books –  You don’t have to carry a big book around, as you can fit the entertainer coupons in your smartphone (Android or Apple)
  • Goodbye to Bulky wallets! – you don’t have to tear pages and pages of discount stubs and put them in your wallet.
  • No More Losing of Vouchers – You won’t have to worry about losing the vouchers because they’re all in your phone. In case you lose your phone, well I’m thinking you already have an account set up so it’s associated with your membership plan. Maybe goodbye to the phone, but you can retrieve the coupons in your account.
  • Easy Search Time – It’s very easy access as well because you can simply search for the actual restaurant and check the App if you still have remaining gift vouchers left.

BONUS: One bonus of this is that the Entertainer Mobile 2014 App also offers discounts on a monthly basis. There are participating establishments that offer a particular discount for the month. Even if you haven’t bought the book or the downloadable App, you can still take advantage of some great offers. Sweet deal indeed!

Entertainer Mobile in 2019

Since we already purchased the book this year, maybe next year we will try getting the Smartphone download and get a digital copy ourselves. For now, we’ll just make do with what the 2014 book can do for us.

List of Other Mobile Entertainer App Products

Here’s the list of other Entertainer Mobile countries and products with their corresponding prices.

  • Entertainer Dubai Fine Dining Mobile
  • Entertainer Abu Dhai Mobile
  • Entertainer Bahrain Mobile
  • Entertainer Cape Town Mobile
  • Entertainer Dubai Kids Mobile
  • Entertainer Dubai
  • Entertainer Hong Kong Mobile
  • Entertainer Jeddah Mobile
  • Entertainer Johannesburg Mobile
  • Entertainer Jordan Mobile
  • Entertainer Kuwait Mobile
  • Entertainer London Mobile
  • Entertainer Malaysia Mobile
  • Entertainer Oman Mobile
  • Entertainer Qatar Mobile
  • Entertainer Riyadh and Eastern Province Mobile
  • Entertainer Singapore Mobile
  • Entertainer Travel Mobile

-taken from the smartphone App

PS: Thanks Sandier Pastures for the tip! 🙂

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