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Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park – Tourist Attraction

Dubai has opened its newest attraction this December 2015, the Dubai Garden Glow.  Located in Zabeel Park, you can expect glowing trees, flowers, animals to structures inspired from different attractions around the world. You will see how these displays light up the park at night. This tourist spot is a great experience for families to take their children even at night.

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The park opens at 4pm but we feel that the best time to go to Dubai Garden Glow is around 5:30pm, so you have time to experience the spectacular change of day to evening. The garden which is art by day changes to glow by night. As you stroll with your family, you could see the transformation when the place lights up right before your eyes.

dubai garden glow zabeel

stage for the presentation

dubai garden glow tourist spot

Entrance sign of this tourist spot

Dubai Garden Glow – World’s First Unique Theme Garden – Photos – Location – Review

A daily water show is present as well as a famous light show could to entice you further. For animal lovers, animal safari would be a good destination and for the children (or children at heart), visit the candy land.

zabeel park dubai garden glow

Zabeel park – gate 6 and 7

talking tree dubai garden glow

talking tree

Featured Activities

There’s actually a lot of activities to do so you will never be bored while prancing around. For you to not get lost in this land of fantasy, here’s the layout that’s easy to understand. If you’re the random adventurer, you can just walk and take yourself anywhere as you’ll find yourself amused with the entire place.

dubai garden glow zabeel park

DGG layout. photo taken from the Dubai Garden Glow website

Eco-friendly Garden

When you first look at the materials used to build the gigantic garden, you’ll think that it’s crafted from expensive items. But this Dubai Garden Glow uses eco-friendly materials from recyclable items such as plastic bottles. Thousands of porcelain cups, plastics, medicine bottles and colorful low electricity consumption bulbs are utilized for the aim to educate people the importance of reducing carbon foot print and preserving the our beloved mother earth.

dubai garden glow lollipops


garden glow zabeel park

flowers and bulbs

The further you go to other parts of the magical garden, you’ll have a chance to spot live performances from artists and performers across whether they’re a band or a group of acrobats! If you’re interested in musicals, you could even watch a live musical stage available.

dubai lights garden

lights at night

Dubai Garden Glow Zabeel Park

attractions inside the park

Snacks in the Park Available
Okay, so I’m sure you’re already tired and hungry but you still want to tour the whole place further later. You can actually eat while still touring. There’s an available large area that contains famous delicacies. Your taste buds would surely travel from one place to another just by eating a dish.

garden glow in dubai

lights on the ground

garden glow dubai

this is open until April next year!

flamingos in dubai garden glow


dubai garden glow uae

tulips and safari

So if you’re already full, you could continue your adventure again in your own pace but here are some suggestions for you to travel to. You could go back to the age of dinosaurs or visit the talking trees and as I’ve already mentioned, catch the laser light show and the other shows in the garden! You wouldn’t dare to miss something fantastic when you’re in the location itself.

Photos of the Dubai Garden Glow

Here are some photos of this newest themed attraction in Dubai.

dubai garden glow tulips


sheikh zayed mosque in dubai miracle garden

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque replica in Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow photos


dubai garden glow entrance

Garden Glow

Video of Dubai Garden Glow

Here’s a video we’ve taken during our visit to this garden. These are just a few of the areas we’ve recorded.

How to Get There and Entrance Fees

Question now is how much does it cost to go inside the Dubai Garden Glow and how do you get there? The nearest metro station to Dubai Garden Glow is Al Jafiliyah Metro Station – Red Line, but you may have to ride a taxi to get to the entrance gate which is in Gate 6 and 7.

Most convenient transport is via Taxicab.

Location: Zabeel Park Gate 6 & 7
Opening Hours: 4pm to 11pm –everyday until April
Entrance Fee to Dubai Miracle Garden is 60 Dirhams per person – Free Entry to Children 3 years old and below and handicapped persons

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