Etihad Flight Attendant’s Salary: How Much Do They Make?

In a previous post, we shared about how much an Etihad pilot typically makes. Today, we’re going to talk about a more customer-oriented position… the Etihad Airways flight attendant!

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A career with Etihad Airways will take you all around the world,” according to the airline’s official website. Indeed, becoming part of the airline’s 6300-strong cabin crew — which consists of 110 nationalities — offers plenty of opportunities for an awesome travel and cultural experience!

Etihad Flight Attendant’s Salary How Much Do They Make
Image Credit: Etihad Airways FB Page

Salary & Benefits of Etihad Airways Flight Attendants

Etihad Airways is the flag carrier of Abu Dhabi, UAE. It operates more than 100 Boeing and Airbus aircraft, and flies to at least 100 destinations around the world! Such a huge network requires dedicated flight attendants, as well as in-flight chefs and food & beverage managers.

Skills & Qualifications

To qualify as a flight attendant for Etihad Airways, an applicant must be/have:

  • At least 21 years old
  • A height of 212 cm without shoes
  • Completed high school education or higher
  • Able to swim with the aid of a flotation device
  • Excellent personality, image, and style
  • Customer oriented, with great communication skills
  • Fluent in spoken and written English (another language is a plus)
  • No criminal records
  • No tattoos or body piercing that would be visible while wearing a uniform (except for females only, who may have one earring in the lower lobe of each ear)
  • Willing to serve alcohol (including during the month of Ramadan)
  • Willing to comply with requirements for a UAE and GCAA visa, medical and health screenings

Salary & Benefits

The typical salary and benefits of an Etihad Airways flight attendant are as follows:

  • Basic salary of AED 2500 during the training/probationary period (6-7 weeks)
  • Basic salary of AED 3640 after probation and hourly pay of AED 44
  • Layover allowance: AED 10/hr or AED 240/day in Middle East/GCC/Subcontinent; AED 12/hr or AED 288/day in Asia/Far East; AED 14/hr of AED 336/day in Africa/Australia; and AED 16/hr or AED 384/day in Europe/America
  • Annual leave of 30 days
  • Medical insurance and accident insurance or life insurance
  • Free accommodation in a shared, fully-furnished apartment
  • Transportation to the airport before and after work
  • Unlimited personal travel at special rates
  • Annual leave ticket and concessions for family and friends
Etihad Flight Attendant’s Salary How Much Do They Make
Image Credit: Etihad Airways FB Page

Recruitment Process

Etihad Airways recruits flight attendants in two ways. The first is through CV Drops, which are announced publicly on websites and social media. During these days, an applicant may be required to stay for the whole day, or asked to return the following day for a full assessment.

The second is by invitation-only. These are for applicants who have been invited after submitting an application online, as well as those who have initially applied through CV Drops.

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Becoming a flight attendant for Etihad Airways sounds like an exciting and rewarding job, indeed! If you think you’ve got what it takes, then it’s time to polish your resume and apply!

DISCLAIMER: The above information may change and should be used as a guide only. To learn more about the latest career opportunities with this airline and how to apply as a flight attendant, please visit the official website of Etihad Airways.