Man who Attempted to Harass Woman in Ladies’ Toilet, Jailed and to be Deported

Wherever we may be in the world, the threat of sexual harassment in public or even at the workplace is an issue that many people across various nationalities face on a regular basis.

Even though this is becoming an all-too familiar trend anywhere in the world, this does not mean that the act is acceptable, and through the help of authorities, everyone can do something to address this.

Dubai Guard who Attempted to Sexually Harass Employee in Ladies’ Toilet, Jailed and to be Deported

Foreign Man who Tried to Harass Employee in Toilet to be Deported After Serving Jail

This has been the message sent to a foreign national, who was charged for cornering a Ugandan woman inside the women’s toilet at their workplace in an attempt to sexually harass her, as reported by the Khaleej Times.

The 42-year old Pakistani man was found guilty despite denying the sexual assault allegation at the Court of First Instance. He was sentenced to three months in jail and will be up for deportation after serving his term.

Based on public prosecution records, the incident happened on December 13 last year, when the defendant, who is the victim’s supervisor, followed her late in the night. As per court statements, the man allegedly took off the victim’s clothes by force and groped her. The assault was interrupted when the man heard a sound near the door.

As per the 32-year old victim’s statements, she was on night shift when the incident took place on December 11 last year. She was instructed by her supervisor to pass by his office at 2 am. When she was told to look through the clump of lost items in the office, her supervisor pulled her for a kiss.

On the night of December 13, when the victim was still on her shift, at around 2 am, the victim’s supervisor followed her into the changing room and remembered the man telling her, ‘I came for you’. And when she entered the changing room, the man forced himself inside where he attempted to rape her.

Upon reporting the incident to the police, they discovered a terrified woman inside the washroom whose shirt has been visibly torn apart, and was crying.

The victim told the police officers about what her supervisor had done to her. However, the man denied the allegations at first, claiming that he was just checking the corridors, and was surprised to find the woman inside. The officers recounted how the man was very confident with his statement.

However, when the victim showed the messages from the defendant sent via WhatsApp, to the police officers, the man began to apologize and begged them to help him. Even if he did not admit to the act, the man claimed that he would not do it again. To this, the officers put a handcuff on him and took him into custody.

Later on, the man admitted to the crime and was discovered to have even sent a message to the woman, which read ‘I kill you’ to which he claimed was only a joke.

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