1 Dead, 5 Injured in Multiple Road Accidents in Dubai

A reminder to everyone to please be careful when driving on the road. 1 person died and 5 others were injured in scattered traffic accidents over the weekend in Dubai.

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The Dubai Police has posted a report about various car accidents in various areas in Dubai. Names of the victims were not disclosed. Below are images shared by the Dubai Police on social media to warn residents to drive carefully:


sheikh zayed road accident dubai road accident dubai

Below is the said post from the Dubai Police:

One person has died and (5) others have been miscellaneous injuries in traffic accidents in past days.
In detail, Colonel Juma Salem bin Suwaidan, Director of the General Administration of Proxy Traffic in Dubai Police, said that the first accident occurred at pm last Thursday on the Al Khail street, as a light vehicle crashed into a bike, explaining that a driver The bike crossed the red light, which resulted in the collision, and the bike driver was infected with mediocre injuries he was taken to hospital for treatment.
The second accident took place last Friday evening at eight o’clock in the evening on King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Street, where a Cadillac driver was critically injured after his vehicle collided with another vehicle, due to lack of attention and entry to the track of the track line, Vehicles have also been severely damaged.
The third accident occurred at on Jumeirah Street, where a vehicle swerved from its path and collided with the lighting pole, and the driver was critically injured after which he was taken to hospital for treatment.
The fourth accident occurred at pm last Saturday on Sheikh Zayed Street when a Toyota vehicle swerved from its track to the right and hit another Nissan type vehicle, and from the severity of the collision, the second then deteriorated, and traveled About the accident, the driver of the second car has died from severe injuries. There was serious damage to vehicles.
While the fifth incident took place on the same day at p.m. on Al Khail street, a light vehicle crashed into a motorcycle, resulting in severe injuries taken to hospital for treatment. In another accident between a light vehicle and a heavy bus at am on Future Street heading from bowling intersection to commercial bay, as the driver of the light vehicle drove his vehicle reversing direction This led him to a head-to-head crash, resulting in severe injuries from the driver of the light vehicle, after which he was taken to hospital for treatment, while severe damage to the vehicle caused and mediocre on the bus.

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