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How to Apply for an NBI Clearance in Dubai

For Filipino citizens, the NBI Clearance is a document which states that they are cleared of any criminal records. Although this is not often a requirement for working in Dubai, you might find yourself needing it for other purposes, such as migration to another country.

Fortunately, you do not have to be in the Philippines to get an NBI Clearance. Even if you are residing in Dubai, you can apply for this document through the office of the Philippine Consulate General (PCG). Take note that the PCG will issue an NBI Clearance Card only. The rest of the processing will be done by your representative in the Philippines.

nbi clearance application dubai
Guide to Getting an NBI Clearance at the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai

Here are the requirements and procedures for getting an NBI Clearance in Dubai:


  • Two (2) copies of the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) form.This is available at the Philippine Consulate, but if you want to save time, you can download the form here fill it out beforehand.
  • Five (5) photocopies of your passport.Two of these will be attached to the NBI Clearance Card and two copies to the SPA. The remaining one copy will given at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Dubai for fingerprinting.
  • One (1) photocopy of your visa.This will be given at the CID Dubai for fingerprinting.
  • One (1) 2×2 picture with a white background.This will be placed on the NBI Clearance Card.
  • Original passport.For identification purposes.
  • 340 AED.This amount includes the following fees: 110 AED (fingerprinting charge), 100 AED (NBI Clearance processing), 100 AED (SPA processing), 15 AED (SPA courier), and 15 AED (NBA Clearance courier).

Special Power of Attorney (SPA) form
Image Credit: dubaipcg.dfa.gov.ph


  1. Once you arrive at the Philippine Consulate, request for one (1) NBI Clearance Card and two (2) SPA forms.
  2. Fill out the NBI Clearance Card using a black ballpen. You will need to specify your full name, sex, civil status, date of birth, place of birth, and other relevant information.
  3. Fill out the SPA form (in case you haven’t downloaded and printed it out yet).
  4. Proceed to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Dubai for fingerprinting. This is located across from the Al Mulla Plaza.
  5. Have your fingerprints taken manually (ink) and digitally at the CID. Prepare 110 AED for this stage of the process.
  6. After fingerprinting, return to the Philippine Consulate. Make sure to have your NBI Clearance Card photocopied (two copies).
  7. Proceed to the window for NBI Clearance Card processing. Get ready to give them the following: one original and two photocopies of the NBI Clearance Card, two SPA forms, your passport (for identification), and two photocopies of your passport
  8. Pay for courier services at the Courier Counter. Since the NBI Clearance Card and the SPA have different release dates, you will need to pay for courier separately (15 AED each). This is a mandatory service, which is actually convenient since you do not have to go back to the Philippine Consulate just to get your documents.
  9. Proceed to the Cashier to pay for the processing of your NBI Clearance Card and SPA (100 AED each).
  10. You can expect to receive your documents about two to three days after the release dates printed on the receipts.

Once you have received your NBI Clearance Card and SPA, you can send these to a representative in the Philippines, where the rest of the processing will be done at the NBI Main Office in Manila.

For more information about applying for an NBI Clearance in Dubai, you can check the official website of the Philippine Consulate General here.

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