“Why don’t we just leave OFWs alone” DFA Secretary Locsin on 3% Philhealth Payment

Filipinos working abroad have expressed their frustration over the new rule where OFWs are required to pay 3% of their salary to Philhealth. There have also been campaigns created to abolish the mandatory payment requirement.

In a recent statement posted on Twitter by Department, Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. also expressed his sentiments about the new rule. In his official Twitter page, Locsin Jr. mentioned that OFW remittances have contributed for 10% of the GDP of the Philippine economy.

He says: “Why don’t we just leave OFWs alone except to help them when they are in trouble. Their blood but better wages abroad account for 10% of our GDP according to the a**holes who want to take some of their earnings”

“They are just totally out of purview of government exactions for which they will not benefit at all. After the abolition of the income tax on OFWs they’ve figured another way to tax you for the great privilege of being born Filipino, poor and jobless at home. Let’s all sing for nothing,”

Locsin further shared that the mandatory payment reminded him of the income tax which has been abolished and comments that this move is another attempt to tax Overseas Filipino Workers.