Over 200,000 Jobs in Aviation Projected in the Next 2 Decades in the UAE

2020 is already looking promising not only for foreigners planning a visit to the UAE in time for one of the region’s biggest events, the Expo 2020 Dubai, but also for residents and those who are looking forward to this historic project. Given the projects and events to boost the tourism in Dubai, it helps in creating more work opportunities for those seeking jobs in the emirate.

What’s also interesting is that there will be a much bigger movement specifically in the field of aviation, as the region will need an additional 3,130 airplanes worth USD 725 billion, hiring over 200,000 workers including pilots, technicians and cabin crew over the next two decades, as projected by the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing at the recently held Dubai Airshow 2019 last Sunday (November 17).     

Credits: WAM.ae

UAE’s Aviation Industry Projected to Take Flight Creating over 230,000 Jobs in the Emirates

According to Randy Tinseth, vice-president for marketing at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the region will need 64,000 new pilots, 65,000 new technicians and 102,000 cabin crew over the next 20 years to meet the demand for the growth of aviation market, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

The aircraft manufacturer shared a forecast that it will be needing over 100 new long-haul routes in the next 10 years, 80 percent of which are flown by Boeing widebodies with 46 percent of the region’s share of forecasted deliveries in the widebody segment, which is the highest of any region. Additionally, the airlines will invest USD 790 billion in commercial aviation services by 2038.

On an international scale, Boeing projected demand for 44,000 airplanes and USD 16 trillion commercial aviation value over the next two decades. Furthermore, it foresees USD 30 billion in net profit for airlines for 2019 while around 9,100 new widebody airplanes will be delivered over the next 20 years.

Tinseth also shared, “This mustn’t be just economies growing here in the region but also economies growing within 8 hours flights from here such as Southeast Asia, China, and India. Economic growth is important for the forecast and aviation sector and how the Middle East countries adapt to the fast-growing economies in the other regions.”

To date, several industries in the UAE are taking the lead in terms of growth, but for many skilled and highly-specialized professionals in related fields, the country’s economic growth will favor their decision to choose to work in the UAE, if job stability and career growth are prioritized in the long run. 

This is great news for many migrant workers working in the aviation field and other related industries. If you wish to know more about related jobs such as a cabin crew member or a pilot, you can check out some of the top-listed aviation companies in the UAE, and refer to our application interview guide.