Resuming Business Services In Dubai, Praying that Places of Worship to be Next

It’s a welcome move that businesses can now continue and services have commenced. However this should not be taken as a forced decision for everyone to start working from the office.

Traffic is slowing building up. Most of us are now used to working remotely. Opening business services again means adding to traffic, transportation costs. In my opinion, when employees have access to phones and desktops or laptops at home, I would prefer that companies will try to be more flexible to continue working from home. After all, we still need to be extra vigilant and cautious when we are in public practicing social distancing and avoiding crowded locations.

mosque dubai marina

However, I hope that they will open congregation places soon. Malls, parks, gym, cinemas, and recreational facilities are open but what about worship centers?

Most of us are asked to sit at home and carry out prayers however, I would like to see worship places available for people to go and kneel and say their prayers privately, individually and it would mean a routine of supervision, a routine of social distancing, a routine of cleansing – and all of that we believe we can do.”

Whether you are a Christian, Hindu, or Muslim most of us will love to visit worship places and practice our religious rituals. By now the COVID 19 has taught us all a lesson and there are many worshippers who have been longing to head to worship places to practice their religious rituals which is of great importance.

I pray that the move to reopen worship places will be next. Of course, with dos and dont’s implemented so that we can slowly practice what we are doing and get back to our usual schedule.

About the Author: Mathew Litty

Mathew Litty Dubai writer
I am Mathew Litty hailing from the South of India, but have been raised in Dubai all my life (36 years). I have completed my graduation in Journalism and have been working in Dubai for 16 years.  I love composing write-ups,  lifestyle stories, community reports, etc. Living in a cosmopolitan city there are lots happening out here and I always love to explore the latest be it personal and business life.

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