Honesty in Dubai: 99.9% of 31,000 Lost and Found Cases in Dubai Taxis Resolved

A lot of us may have that experience of leaving our things in public and expect that they won’t be found. However in Dubai, it’s good to feel that there’s a likely chance that you can get your items back when you call and ask help from authorities. Such is the case of a recent report where 99.9% of 31,073 reports of lost items in Dubai were returned.

After all, one of the reasons why residents of Dubai love to live here is the safety and security that it provides. While crimes do take place, expats feel at ease knowing that authorities are prioritizing the safety of its people – both citizens and residents.

dubai taxis return lost items

According to a recent report from RTA and WAM news agency. The Roads and Transport Authority revealed a 99.9% resolution rate for cases of lost and found items in taxis. From January to September 2020, there’s been more than 31 thousand cases of lost items. Some of the lost and found cases that were returned include the following:

  • AED 618,700 in cash
  • 836 mobile phones
  • 1,201 electronic devices
  • 453 passports
  • 254 laptops
  • 53 jewellery items, and
  • 41 iPads/tablets

One of the interesting things if this is your first time in Dubai is that people tend to leave their belongings in public places (although this is discouraged) and expect that it won’t be stolen. If you do lose something, it is important that you call the right channels. For Dubai Taxis, the RTA Dubai hotline is 8009090.

Below are some interesting stories you may find regarding honesty in Dubai.

RTA receives 31 thousand reports of items lost in taxis, cases resolution rate hits 99.9%

The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, revealed that the Lost & Found Unit at its Call Centre, Customers Happiness Dep’t received 31,073 reports of items lost in Dubai Taxis during the period from January to September 2020. The resolution rate of these reports within the specified time was as high as 99.9%.

“RTA considers customers and service recipients a top priority in line with its third strategic goal ‘People Happiness’. From January to September this year, we found and returned a diverse cast of lost items including AED618,700 in cash, 836 mobile phones, 1,201 electronic devices, 453 passports, 254 laptops, 53 jewellery items, and 41 iPads/tablets. Overall, we have received 31,073 reports of lost items and the signing-off rate amounted to 99.9%,” said Mehailah Al Zahmi, Director of Customers Happiness Department, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, RTA.

honesty dubai taxis return lost items

“We return the lost items to their respective owners once we receive reports from them. This achievement is credited to the cooperation of our taxi drivers who display high levels of integrity and honesty in line with RTA’s professional ethics in this vital field,” she noted.

“Taxi drivers who report items left by customers in their vehicles are honoured and motivated to encourage them to continue with this moral and civilised conduct. It will also have a positive bearing on their careers, and contribute to attracting more riders to this service, which offers privacy and comfort to customers in line with RTA’s vision as ‘The world leader in seamless & sustainable mobility’,” Al Zahmi concluded.